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SSP v2.4.0 General Release Announcement

SSP v2.4.0 Released on 4/24/2014

SSP-2721 is a patch added to v2.4.2 and v2.5.2 to address a bug with the CAS integration for filters/requests. All implementers of this release should consider installing the patches listed in the commit section of the issue details.

Release Highlights

  • Performance Improvement with Person Records
  • Action Plan UI Redesign and Multiple Reminders
  • MAP Plan Status Calculation Improvements
  • MAP Plan Definition to Include Program and Catalog Year
  • Early Alert Submission and Response Improvements
  • Reset Journal Entry Form after Adding a New Entry
  • Service Group Added as Search Criteria
  • Message Template Improvements
  • Smarter Measure Integration
  • 86 bug fixes

Fresh Installation Instructions

See SSP v2.4.0 Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Source Code Forks

See SSP Source Code Upgrade Process

Additional Upgrade Steps

For all existing installations of 2.0.X and 2.1.X, important upgrade instructions exist in the previous 2.12.2 and 2.3 Release notes. 

  • To upgrade from 2.0.X follow the upgrade instructions for 2.12.2 and  2.3 Release Notes before deploying the 2.4
  •   To upgrade from 2.1.X follow the upgrade instructions for the 2.2 and  2.3   Release Notes before deploying the 2.4
  •  To upgrade from 2.2.X follow the upgrade instructions for the  2.3  Release Notes before deploying the 2.4 code
  • If you encounter "Unable to read the metadata file for artifact" errors in your ant builds, delete the containing directory for the offending file listed in the error, then try black-listing several repos in your ~/.m2/settings.xml. If you don't have that file already, use the following: 

    <settings xmlns=""

    This issue is being tracked by  SSP-2380 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Default roles assignments for access to Reports and Manage Users was changed.  By default only the administrator and developer roles will have access to Reports and Manage Users.  The following data imports (5 total) need to be executed from the SSP-Platform directory

    SSP_CONFIGDIR=/path/to/config/dir ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dfile=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/permission_set/SSP_SUPPORT_STAFF__REPORT_READ__SSP.permission-set.xml data-import
    SSP_CONFIGDIR=/path/to/config/dir ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dfile=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/patches-SSP-2-0-0/SSP-1526/permission_set/SSP_COACH__REPORT_READ__SSP.permission-set.xml data-import
    SSP_CONFIGDIR=/path/to/config/dir ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dfile=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/portlet-definition/SSP_Reports.portlet-definition.xml data-import
    SSP_CONFIGDIR=/path/to/config/dir ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dfile=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/fragment-definition/ssp-reports-lo.fragment-definition.xml data-import
    SSP_CONFIGDIR=/path/to/config/dir ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dfile=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/fragment-definition/manage-users-lo.fragment-definition.xml data-import
  • As part of the Action Plan tool, a new permission for the Strengths section was added.  The new permission needs to be imported by executing the import below (1 total)

    SSP_CONFIGDIR=/path/to/your/ssp/config/dir ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true  -Ddir=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/patches-SSP-2-4-0/SSP-2154 data-import

    Quite a few changes were made to the email and MAP message templates.  The latest message templates are documented individually in the Users Guide.  If you have updated any of the message templates since version 2.0.0, it is strongly recommended to review the new message templates as changes to the person definition to improve performance have changed message variables, specifically createdBy and modifiedBy.


  • The following code block can be added to the MAP Plan Printout and MAP Plan Full Printout message templates to include notes entered when emailing a Plan.  The notes can be placed in any position desired.  The default message templates place the notes above the institution image (MAP Plan Full Printout) and term/course table (MAP Plan Printout).

    #if("$!emailNotes" != "")


  • Based on SSP-2359 the default search behavior for the person search in Manage Users was changed to not automatically wildcard search parameters to improve query performance.  Specifically for deployers configuring personDirectoryContext.xml, the JDBC/LDAP PersonDirectory DAO configuration needs to be reviewed to confirm a property.

    <property name="wildcardDataAttributes" value="false" />


    • If any changes have been made to the contents of queryAttributeMapping in the uPortalAccountUserSource, make sure that the org.jasig.portal.persondir.ILocalAccountDao.wildcardedDataAttributeExclusions you set in $SSP_CONFIGDIR/ reflects the list of keys in that map.
    • For users that would like to perform wild card searches, the input must include an asterisk in the entry.  IE:  Jon* to return Jonathon. 

v2.4.0 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-1875] - Point-to-Point SSO Filter Can't Interoperate With Container Authentication
  • [SSP-2130] - MAP 'Load Plan' Ext.js dialog appears briefly after selecting a student
  • [SSP-2152] - IndexOutOfBoundsException generating coaching history report
  • [SSP-2161] - sendTo* flags ignored in POST /person/email API
  • [SSP-2163] - Broken pagination in Financial Aid Files and SAP Statuses admin UIs
  • [SSP-2164] - Student search terms not URL-encoded
  • [SSP-2165] - Broken pagination in Race admin UI
  • [SSP-2169] - Requisite validation message shows course code
  • [SSP-2174] - Plan 'email template' owner variables resolve wrong user
  • [SSP-2176] - School email cutoff in Main Tool display
  • [SSP-2192] - Hibernate/SQL syntax error in Message queue processing task
  • [SSP-2214] - MAP 404 error when person_id set to null
  • [SSP-2215] - Journal details not saved when using Track-Step entry
  • [SSP-2217] - MAP error Status Error: 500 - Internal Server Error java.lang.Long cannot be cast to java.lang.Integer
  • [SSP-2218] - MAP print options not working correctly for MAP Full Plan Printout
  • [SSP-2219] - MAP email with Financial Aid information missing
  • [SSP-2220] - MAP grid is showing more than current plus 5 years
  • [SSP-2223] - Action Plan task list Select All button not working
  • [SSP-2224] - Goals and strengths are not saving
  • [SSP-2232] - MAP plan status display after re-calc needs refreshed
  • [SSP-2233] - Instructor Name Blank for Current Schedule
  • [SSP-2234] - Map Status Report should only consider plans in scope when calculating ratio / total courses
  • [SSP-2236] - MAP plan status not showing On Track Sequence
  • [SSP-2241] - Linux CI environment experiencing out of memory errors
  • [SSP-2242] - Main Tool- Details tab FA GPA disappears after page loads
  • [SSP-2243] - external substitutable course table problems
  • [SSP-2244] - Subset of externally sourced fields lost when saving caseload assignment form
  • [SSP-2251] - Imprecise (of course) floating point arithmetic when totaling transfer credit hours
  • [SSP-2252] - Possibly imprecise MAP plan/template hour totals
  • [SSP-2253] - MAP plan report cutoff at the top
  • [SSP-2258] - Possibly imprecise MAP plan/template hour totals in reports and email
  • [SSP-2259] - Inactive student types appearing as available Caseload Assignment options
  • [SSP-2269] - Grammatical and consistency errors in MAP tool tips
  • [SSP-2276] - Current Registration Person Search incorrect
  • [SSP-2283] - MAP move plan target showing all terms
  • [SSP-2286] - Linux CI constraint error for substitution
  • [SSP-2288] - Mis-named external_student_transcript column in external data spec
  • [SSP-2292] - NULL Pointer Exception in AbstractAuditble on Create Early Alert
  • [SSP-2298] - Getting duplicate id currentTotalPlanCrHours
  • [SSP-2299] - Action Plan- iteration demo cleanup tasks part 2
  • [SSP-2301] - Unpredictable MAP term note display
  • [SSP-2303] - Data fixup script for excessive MAP template term notes
  • [SSP-2305] - Intermittent missing Hibernate session when flushing new person record created by coach sync
  • [SSP-2308] - Caseload Reassignment missing student name
  • [SSP-2309] - Exception when running Early Alert Student without selecting criteria
  • [SSP-2317] - MAP title bar not refreshed after save
  • [SSP-2319] - All planned courses in term considered valid if all planned courses in term are invalid
  • [SSP-2324] - 404 from Main and Intake if external_term empty
  • [SSP-2325] - Unable to save Disability in Accommodation tool
  • [SSP-2327] - Deactivated Student Types not rendered in Admin UI after interacting with Caseload Assignment UI
  • [SSP-2332] - Clean up Person API after perf improvements
  • [SSP-2339] - Reflect null server-side values in MyGPS intake enumerated form controls
  • [SSP-2340] - Guard against too-long input in free-form MyGPS Intake fields
  • [SSP-2341] - SmarterMeasure API password returned to UI in plaintext
  • [SSP-2343] - Student type load race condition in Caseload Assignment
  • [SSP-2344] - Improve error msg on intake form submission from MyGPS
  • [SSP-2348] - Non-participating dialog doesn't close after save
  • [SSP-2353] - Can't set multiple 'to' addresses on outbound mail
  • [SSP-2354] - Nullity validation failures during ChallengeReferral persistence
  • [SSP-2360] - Error running Disability report
  • [SSP-2361] - Caseload Activity Report fails
  • [SSP-2362] - Number of Plans by Advisor report fails
  • [SSP-2363] - Journal Session Detail Report duplicate rows in output
  • [SSP-2368] - ConfigIT test broken
  • [SSP-2378] - SearchChallengeReferral.js not aggregated/minified
  • [SSP-2379] - Coaching Assignment Send Email not properly handling email address
  • [SSP-2383] - EduLevel and Funding Intake tab changes not immediately reflected on-screen after first-time save
  • [SSP-2384] - Number of Student by Status report formatting problem
  • [SSP-2385] - Journal Detail Report column data cutoff
  • [SSP-2386] - Lazy person creation fails if required field missing from uP attributes
  • [SSP-2387] - Add text entry max length validation to all fields in the Accommodation tool
  • [SSP-2389] - Action Plan Step and Custom Step Email link fails
  • [SSP-2390] - Early Alert Response to Faculty from Coach created by used
  • [SSP-2391] - Early Alert Sent to Student missing coach information
  • [SSP-2392] - Selecting Catalog Year during Save As Template entry is cleared
  • [SSP-2393] - MAP Template message template contact info problem
  • [SSP-2394] - ChallengeReferralId not being passed to task
  • [SSP-2398] - Unit tests fail to initialize because of missing database artifacts
  • [SSP-2399] - SSP UI Does not validate References Properly
  • [SSP-2400] - Program code substitutions don't work during one-off report runs
  • [SSP-2401] - MAP plan status calculation matching criteria problems
  • [SSP-2402] - Fix config description for 'map_plan_status_addition_course_matching_criteria'
  • [SSP-2404] - modifiedBy audit field was not being updated on save.

Improvements and New Features

  • [SSP-47] - Send Email Notification When Student's Advisor is Changed
  • [SSP-479] - Slow person lookups
  • [SSP-1727] - Action Plan UI re-design
  • [SSP-1729] - Early Alert submission and response improvements
  • [SSP-1883] - Change Load Template sort order
  • [SSP-1886] - Move template title display to avoid scrolling
  • [SSP-1915] - Add a secured link to placement test information
  • [SSP-1923] - MAP ignore course term validation when no courses defined
  • [SSP-2002] - MAP Plan Status Calculation Feature Additions
  • [SSP-2072] - Allow edits to historical terms in MAP Plans
  • [SSP-2087] - Add more context to error messages from EarlyAlertPortletController
  • [SSP-2088] - Specify which message failed validation in MessageServiceImpl.sendMessage()
  • [SSP-2127] - MAP On/Off Plan background job logging and interruption handling tweaks
  • [SSP-2129] - Service Groups, Service Reasons, Referral Sources sorted randomly in Main Dashboard view
  • [SSP-2131] - Caseload Reassignment tool UI not rendered in Students view if no student currently selected
  • [SSP-2150] - Upgrade Spring dependencies to latest 3.2.x release
  • [SSP-2162] - Add external_student_financial_aid.sap_status_code field to student search
  • [SSP-2170] - Open new tab/window for course syllabus and academic links
  • [SSP-2175] - Load Plan and Template item sort
  • [SSP-2180] - Add catalog year definitions to the plan and template definitions
  • [SSP-2181] - Extend the On Track (Substitutions) calculation logic to include catalog year association
  • [SSP-2182] - Change MAP Projected Grad text
  • [SSP-2186] - MAP option to edit a past term
  • [SSP-2195] - Respect the Plan past term edit in the Move Plan feature
  • [SSP-2198] - Reset Journal Entry form after Entry save
  • [SSP-2200] - Do not automatically select first student in Caseload and Search
  • [SSP-2201] - Synchronize SSP and SSP-Platform versions
  • [SSP-2216] - Refactor Person model
  • [SSP-2225] - Add entry validation for AP goals and strengths
  • [SSP-2235] - MAP Status combo-box value should respect term and substitution configs
  • [SSP-2237] - MAP report column label changes
  • [SSP-2239] - Change MAP Plan Save context option to Save as New Plan
  • [SSP-2247] - Avoid full-text matching when calculating Message Template equivalence in Liquibase scripts
  • [SSP-2250] - Update footer for Apereo instead of JA-Sig
  • [SSP-2255] - MAP title and status cutoff
  • [SSP-2257] - Nullable external_student_transcript.grade_point_average
  • [SSP-2261] - Empty field handling in default Action Plan message templates
  • [SSP-2263] - Add service group as a student search criteria
  • [SSP-2264] - Coach details on Caseload Assignment are not displaying
  • [SSP-2267] - Clarify external_student_transcript_course.credit_type description
  • [SSP-2268] - MAP contact info automatically populated
  • [SSP-2274] - Improved formatting and missing value handling in student Early Alert notification email template
  • [SSP-2275] - Improved missing value handling in advisor Early Alert notification email template
  • [SSP-2278] - Guard against missing coach/email for Coach assignment notification
  • [SSP-2281] - Email 'notes' access in MAP message templates
  • [SSP-2284] - Add permission requirement to Disability Report
  • [SSP-2304] - Better background task identification in log messages
  • [SSP-2328] - Database-configurable schedule and standard task context setup for sendEarlyAlertReminders task
  • [SSP-2337] - Remove reports permissions/layout from all groups except admins and devs
  • [SSP-2359] - Revise recommendations on uP person attribute search wildcarding
  • [SSP-2364] - Index on early_alert.person_id
  • [SSP-2370] - EarlyAlertReferralIT test broken
  • [SSP-2371] - MessageTemplateIT test broken
  • [SSP-2381] - Student image aspect ratio correct
  • (Sub-tasks to Improvements)
  • SSP-56] - Provide a search for the add task referral list
  • [SSP-386] - Handle errors better when the API call to email a Task list fails
  • [SSP-519] - Portlet error when clicking outside header cell labels in Early Alert portlet roster view
  • [SSP-715] - Overly sticky successful Early Alert submission flash message
  • [SSP-716] - Roster selection not preserved after submitting EA
  • [SSP-772] - Add functionality to create Groups of Action Plan tasks
  • [SSP-776] - Create function to open a closed Early Alert
  • [SSP-1042] - Create email workflow for Early Alert referrals
  • [SSP-1169] - Automatically add student and coach emails to the email Action Plan dialog
  • [SSP-1175] - 500 error occurs when adding a goal and Name field has too many characters
  • [SSP-1360] - Early Alert allow multiple reasons to be selected
  • [SSP-1372] - N+1 query pattern when looking up challenges
  • [SSP-1544] - Send multiple reminders for Action Plan tasks
  • [SSP-1545] - Add student ID to Early Alert portlet submission
  • [SSP-1585] - Move Respond to Early Alert button
  • [SSP-1591] - Modify the Send Early Alert to student text
  • [SSP-1592] - Adjust Conf Level and Target Date field widths on Action Plan task
  • [SSP-1593] - Prompt for additional Goal additions
  • [SSP-1690] - Action Plan Challenge Sorting
  • [SSP-1699] - IE8 Action Plan doesn't show after saving student intake
  • [SSP-1705] - Add a goal returns to tasks screen
  • [SSP-1711] - Action plan checkbox(s) no user informative label
  • [SSP-1862] - Identify students that have "outstanding" open Early Alerts
  • [SSP-1878] - Action Plan email validation doesn't validate all emails
  • [SSP-1922] - Send Action Plan task reminder to all recorded emails
  • [SSP-1932] - Move the Early Alert response Outreach combo above the Outcome combo
  • [SSP-2082] - Sort Early Alert list by status then date
  • [SSP-2084] - Early Alert response reminder
  • [SSP-2106] - Ratio to On Plan Status for the entire Plan
  • [SSP-2107] - On Track (Sequence): On Plan but a different order of courses.
  • [SSP-2108] - On Track (Substitution): On Plan but with substitutable courses.
  • [SSP-2110] - Ratio to On Plan status by term
  • [SSP-2111] - Manual execution of the plan calculation per student
  • [SSP-2120] - Add the course_code to the transcript_course to increase the matching accuracy
  • [SSP-2121] - Email service for calculation results
  • [SSP-2122] - Extend the external_term table definition to include columns for registration start and registration end dates
  • [SSP-2124] - Add a display for the plan status details
  • [SSP-2125] - Adjustments to Main Tool, MAP, Student Search and Reports for new statuses
  • [SSP-2132] - Action Plan Task, Strength and Goal List Views
  • [SSP-2133] - New layout for Action Plan add task
  • [SSP-2134] - New Action Plan email form
  • [SSP-2135] - New structure for storing Action Plan Strengths
  • [SSP-2136] - Printed report refactor for new Action Plan Strengths
  • [SSP-2137] - Email template/service for new Action Plan Strengths
  • [SSP-2138] - New Action Plan design requires server-side search for Challenges and Referrals
  • [SSP-2139] - API updates to support new Action Plan design
  • [SSP-2145] - Convert Current Comma Delimited Strengths To New Structure
  • [SSP-2154] - Add STRENGTH permission to ssp-platfom
  • [SSP-2155] - Add Email Address form components
  • [SSP-2177] - Create an edit task dialog for existing AP tasks
  • [SSP-2179] - Clarify spec for external_*.number
  • [SSP-2184] - API test data setup scripts broken by person.strengths refactor
  • [SSP-2185] - API integration tests broken by Challenge/Category/Referral API changes
  • [SSP-2205] - Add completed date to AP task list
  • [SSP-2254] - Iteration demo cleanup tasks
  • [SSP-2300] - Document new ssp_trusted_code_run_as_key file system config property
  • [SSP-2330] - Index MAP-related foreign keys
  • [SSP-2382] - Document revised recommendations and suggestions for uP person search configuration


  • [SSP-2144] - v2.4 Documentation Tasks
  • [SSP-2166] - Document platform data migration step for new strengths-related permissions
  • [SSP-2266] - Set the due date on the Student Intake to the current date plus N days
  • [SSP-2296] - Remove Reports permissions/layout from Support Staff role
  • [SSP-2297] - Remove Manage Users fragment from Manager role
  • [SSP-2333] - Document change in Person API
  • [SSP-2334] - Document new Registration status API
  • [SSP-2335] - Document new External Catalog Year API
  • [SSP-2338] - Document reports and user management Platform default config changes
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