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SSP v2.4.1 General Release Announcement

SSP v2.4.1 Released on 7/10/2014

SSP-2721 is a patch added to v2.4.2 and v2.5.2 to address a bug with the CAS integration for filters/requests. All implementers of this release should consider installing the patches listed in the commit section of the issue details.

Release Highlights

  • 2.4.1 is a patch release to address bugs identified in the 2.4.0 release.  
  • Several issues were addressed in MAP, Action Plan and email.  The full list is below.

Fresh Installation Instructions

See SSP v2.4.1 Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Source Code Forks

See SSP Source Code Upgrade Process

Additional Upgrade Steps

For all existing installations of 2.0.X and 2.1.X, important upgrade instructions exist in the previous 2.12.2,  2.3 and 2.4 Release notes. 

  • To upgrade from 2.0.X follow the upgrade instructions for 2.12.2, 2.3 and 2.4 Release Notes before deploying the 2.4.1
  •   To upgrade from 2.1.X follow the upgrade instructions for the 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4   Release Notes before deploying the 2.4.1
  •  To upgrade from 2.2.X follow the upgrade instructions for the  2.3 and 2.4 Release Notes before deploying the 2.4.1 code
  • If you encounter "Unable to read the metadata file for artifact" errors in your ant builds, delete the containing directory for the offending file listed in the error, then try black-listing several repos in your ~/.m2/settings.xml. If you don't have that file already, use the following: 

    <settings xmlns=""
  • It is critical to complete the steps described in the 2.4.0 release notes for any deployment not upgrading directly from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1

If you are upgrading an environment, you should delete or change the passwords for the uPortal users created for demonstration purposes. This can be done through the user interface: Manage Users ->  Find an Existing User -> [Enter user ID from list below] -> [Click result] -> Delete or Edit, then change password. Demo users:

  • advisor0
  • ken
  • student0
  • student1

This is only necessary for upgrades. A fresh 2.4.1 install will not create these users.

A fresh install should also either change the admin user's password or add some other user to the Portal Administrators group and delete the admin user.


v2.4.1 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-2412] - Action Plan spelling corrections
  • [SSP-2413] - Action Plan error handling for missing CL and Due Date
  • [SSP-2416] - Early Alert Response Journal Entry template missing variables
  • [SSP-2442] - Increase SSP portlet timeout
  • [SSP-2443] - Mismatched Plan/Template field widths
  • [SSP-2454] - DOB label value doesn't render in Student Search
  • [SSP-2469] - Coaching History report has MAP Projected Graduation instead of MAP Ends
  • [SSP-2504] - Overly precise date of birth search param
  • [SSP-2505] - Duplicate Journal Step Details in Student History Report
  • [SSP-2512] - Template owner not reset upon save as after loading a template from another owner
  • [SSP-2514] - Deleted Tasks showing in Main and in Student History Reports
  • [SSP-2516] - Student Search using MAP Status renders different results
  • [SSP-2520] - Grade not considered when evaluating substitutions for On/Off Plan MAP Status
  • [SSP-2523] - Caseload pagination broken and sort indeterminate or obscure
  • [SSP-2544] - Action Plan edit temp task list dialog obscured
  • [SSP-2564] - Program combo box in MAP Save/Save As dialogs built from 'facet' API, should be 'all' API
  • [SSP-2566] - Unpredictable MAP Template term note display
  • [SSP-2568] - Potentially incorrect caseloads reflected in Early Alert reminder email
  • [SSP-2573] - Coaches receive Off Plan email for unrelated students
  • [SSP-2574] - map_plan_status_send_off_plan_coach_email not respected
  • [SSP-2580] - MAP planned courses not rendering in UI
  • [SSP-2586] - Presence of Plan notes not reflected in menu button decoration
  • [SSP-2590] - Potentially inexact course code matching in MAP UI
  • [SSP-2598] - MAP unexpectedly locked against certain edits
  • [SSP-2605] - Inexact Financial Aid File and SAP Status code matching
  • [SSP-2607] - Inexact person ID matching
  • [SSP-2609] - Inexact configuration name matching
  • [SSP-2610] - Inexact text/blurb code matching
  • [SSP-2613] - Inexact confidentiality level ID and name matching
  • [SSP-2617] - Action Plan Challenge combo box sorted randomly when filtered by Category
  • [SSP-2619] - Adding Service Groups fails after canceling the first add

Improvements and New Features

  • [SSP-2415] - PersonDirectory attribute merge strategy that prevents duplicate attribute values
  • [SSP-2423] - Add entry type validation to Intake in MyGPS
  • [SSP-2433] - Add new field length validation to Intake
  • [SSP-2555] - Overly-broad substitutable courses lookup for one-off MAP On/Off Plan reports
  • [SSP-2571] - Sorted student list in MAP Off Plan Email
  • [SSP-2583] - Don't load substitutable courses if they won't be used
  • [SSP-2618] - MAP contact info populated for Save As actions
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