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SSP v2.7.0 General Release Announcement

Release Date: 10/26/2015

Release Highlights


v2.7.0 contains a variety of changes that enhance nearly every tool within SSP. The specific issues are noted below, but there are additional resources with information about the changes.

  1. External and previously added students can be viewed in Caseload Assignment via My Caseload and Search
  2. A view of all watchers is provided per student
  3. A home campus can be assigned to a student
  4. A Journal log was added for each student
  5. External Database- new tables were added, and one change was made. Review the external definitions for complete details.
  6. Message Templates- a number of new message template variables were added to the list of available variables. The message templates were not changed, but implementers can added the new variables to existing templates.
  7. Many more (see below)

Fresh Installation Instructions

See SSP v2.7.0 Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Source Code Forks

See SSP Source Code Upgrade Process

Additional Upgrade Steps


It is important to first follow the steps in the Release Notes for v2.6.0.

The SSP development team is not aware of any SSP deployments integrated with CAS, but this release includes two security-related patch sets specifically targeted at CAS integrations:

  • SSP-2721 - Scrubs certain CAS-specific request parameters. The changes and effects are detailed in the uPortal project.  No work should be required to enable the patch, but you may want to review that document to better understand the CAS-related configuration changes included in this release.
  • SSP-2724 - Works around what amounts to a CAS-specific session hijacking vulnerability. The changes and effects are detailed in the uPortal project and the <platform-src>/uportal-war/src/main/resources/properties/ file includes greatly expanded comments describing recommended configuration changes. You will likely want to review the email thread and changes to that file whether or not you use CAS. The new defaults may interfere with your existing authentication provider integrations, especially AD/LDAP. SSP-specific details below.


1 - Add new permission for customizable csv results export

SSP-3062 adds a feature to customize the csv columns in the Bulk Export to CVS function.  This requires a new permission that needs to be imported into SSP-Platform  Run the following command from the SSP-Platform directory

ant -Ddir=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/patches-SSP-2-7-0/SSP-3062 data-import

2 - Add new permission for administrator items

SSP-2943 adds a feature to grant permissions for the individual administrator folders..  This requires a new permission that needs to be imported into SSP-Platform  Run the following command from the SSP-Platform directory

ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dfile=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/permission_owner/SSP.permission-owner.xml data-import

3- A constraint was added to the external_catalog table.  

If non-unique external_catalog_year.code exists, the liquibase will fail.  To correct, the data in the external_catalog table should contain unique year codes values for each row.


SSP v2.7.0 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-2546] - Main Tool- SSP Activity shows incorrect Journal date
  • [SSP-2621] - Can't deep link to non-default Caseload Assignment tabs
  • [SSP-2775] - Missing primary key on external_catalog_year
  • [SSP-2778] - Trigger update for directory person insert
  • [SSP-2798] - Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement admin UI incorrectly manages add/edit mode transitions
  • [SSP-2843] - Person attribute changes not reflected immediately in UI
  • [SSP-2885] - Avoid clobbering SSP UI on student result set export errors
  • [SSP-2918] - MAP save completion dialogs interrupt other work
  • [SSP-2919] - Search results transferred to caseload tab
  • [SSP-3017] - Sluggish Caseload expansion directly from MAP
  • [SSP-3018] - Quick navigation from Main to MAP breaks UI
  • [SSP-3020] - Program status transition buttons hidden in search form if user lacks all bulk permissions
  • [SSP-3026] - Unintended external_term.start_date and end_date data type change in SQLServer
  • [SSP-3028] - Front-end current term calculation can select completed term
  • [SSP-3029] - Action Plan Task multi-drag-and-drop doesn't work
  • [SSP-3030] - Pagination is broken on Watch list
  • [SSP-3031] - MAP filter input removes scrollbar
  • [SSP-3033] - MAP email always sent to default CC addresses
  • [SSP-3034] - Reply to address set to system address for user-generated email
  • [SSP-3035] - Incorrect reply to address for user initiated emails
  • [SSP-3036] - CSV export limited to 1000 records
  • [SSP-3038] - Main Tool Plan By value is incorrect for the active Plan
  • [SSP-3039] - Reports and MyGPS LTI Launch URLs send user to default portlet/fragment
  • [SSP-3041] - Main Tool Schedule not displaying Instructor
  • [SSP-3042] - MAP available course scrollbar not fully functional
  • [SSP-3069] - Oauth Unique AuthenticationId Not Enforced
  • [SSP-3073] - Student Risk Indicator Value Only 2 Decimal Places
  • [SSP-3079] - Bump copyright to 2015 in footer
  • [SSP-3084] - Change Delete Association behavior to hard delete rows
  • [SSP-3086] - MAP cutoff term ignored
  • [SSP-3088] - Hibernate Envers Error on certain Person Associations
  • [SSP-3090] - Plan status calculation fails
  • [SSP-3091] - Missing person model
  • [SSP-3092] - Fix Identified Message Template Issues; Update Documentation
  • [SSP-3095] - Search Form scroll and navigation
  • [SSP-3097] - Quick add form cuts off bottom
  • [SSP-3099] - Early Alert Student Outreach and Outcome EA counts inconsistent
  • [SSP-3103] - Bulk Action Confirm Counts External and Internal
  • [SSP-3104] - CSV Export Filename with Date is Incorrect
  • [SSP-3106] - Journal Details out of order
  • [SSP-3107] - Challenge Report missing column headings
  • [SSP-3108] - Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement Enabled NULL Error

New Features

  • [SSP-2194] - MAP Plan Cancel Changes Button
  • [SSP-2240] - Enhanced phone number selection and display logic/config
  • [SSP-2345] - Add a journal log for the student
  • [SSP-3043] - Add two new GPA Fields
  • [SSP-3044] - Add a Career Status Field
  • [SSP-3096] - Show External Assigned Students in MyCaseload


  • [SSP-669] - Successful contact your coach email creates journal entry
  • [SSP-1349] - Add support for MSSQL 2012
  • [SSP-1604] - Add a filter to Caseload Re-assignment for program status
  • [SSP-2191] - MAP transcripted term indicator should utilize passing grade status
  • [SSP-2202] - Implement a message template for coach assignment notification
  • [SSP-2211] - Indicate selected details for existing Journal Entries
  • [SSP-2228] - Add a new table to store non-course student history
  • [SSP-2248] - Add a preview for message templates
  • [SSP-2356] - Add user option for Student Search or Caseload default rendering
  • [SSP-2388] - Add program and catalog year to MAP print/email
  • [SSP-2556] - Clarify cutoff term fallback logic in config description.
  • [SSP-2557] - Handle missing and invalid cutoff term identically
  • [SSP-2581] - Option to disable Early Alert reminder job
  • [SSP-2603] - MAP extend the contact and student notes fields from 2000 to 4000 characters
  • [SSP-2632] - Consistently display and sort coach names
  • [SSP-2652] - Update Report titles for consistency
  • [SSP-2731] - Remove Configuration.js
  • [SSP-2793] - LTI Provider - Configurable section_code mapping logic
  • [SSP-2797] - Management and acceptance of Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement
  • [SSP-2803] - Add a new phone number field not connected to external data
  • [SSP-2877] - Add Ability to Group MAP Templates Into Folders
  • [SSP-2889] - Addition of Student Home Campus Field
  • [SSP-2943] - Add fine grain permissions for admin folders/reference items
  • [SSP-2964] - Report for Student Challenges
  • [SSP-3023] - Support multiple Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements
  • [SSP-3025] - Dynamic external risk indicators
  • [SSP-3047] - Add New GPA Fields to SearchForm
  • [SSP-3052] - Make Report Names Consistent With Titles and PDF Filenames
  • [SSP-3053] - Add Academic Major and Primary Email Address to Counselor Case Management Report
  • [SSP-3054] - New external data feed for entities that are considered non-course
  • [SSP-3055] - Add Elective Code and Name for substitutes to MAP Display & Print/Email Template
  • [SSP-3056] - Add revision information to the MAP Display & Print/Email Templates
  • [SSP-3057] - Prevent multiple emails to same address for Early Alerts
  • [SSP-3058] - Extend Accommodation Tool temp eligibility reason from 50 chars to 250 chars
  • [SSP-3059] - Log changes to Coach Assignment
  • [SSP-3060] - Display previous coach assignment in Main > Coach
  • [SSP-3061] - Add fields to the General Student report
  • [SSP-3062] - Make 'Export to CSV' from Search configurable by field
  • [SSP-3063] - Add multi-select option to search for applicable fields
  • [SSP-3064] - Add student's enrollment status to the message template for early alerts
  • [SSP-3065] - List all users who are watching a given student
  • [SSP-3066] - Batch deactivate MAP templates
  • [SSP-3098] - Add Campus field to selected reports
  • [SSP-3100] - Add Course Title field to Early Alert Reason Count report
  • [SSP-3105] - Improve Customize This Default Message when SSP Portlet Access is Blocked


  • [SSP-121] - Add Confidentiality Agreement Date and Confidentiality Agreement Status to the Student Intake data API
  • [SSP-555] - Add API documentation to the wiki for the Student Success Tool
  • [SSP-1890] - Soft-deleted Referrals included in Counseling Reference Guide report
  • [SSP-1895] - Soft-deleted Challenge->Referral associations shown in MyGPS resource list
  • [SSP-3045] - Document two new API's and External Table for Career Decision Status
  • [SSP-3046] - Document changed API(s) and addition to external data for Two GPA Fields
  • [SSP-3071] - Document new CoachHistory API
  • [SSP-3072] - Update Message Template Definintions Documentation
  • [SSP-3074] - Document Custom Search new API and Permissions
  • [SSP-3075] - Data Import Tool - Add support for 2.7.0 DDL
  • [SSP-3076] - Document Person API Change
  • [SSP-3077] - Document New Phone Display Configuration
  • [SSP-3080] - 2.7 doco
  • [SSP-3081] - Update Message Template Definitions Documentation
  • [SSP-3082] - Update Message Template Definitions Documentation
  • [SSP-3083] - Update Message Template Definitions Documentation
  • [SSP-3085] - Document the SQL to remove inactive associations from the CRG
  • [SSP-3094] - Document new WatchList API
  • [SSP-3093] - Port Journal Case Note Count Report to 2.7.0



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