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SSP v2.8.0 General Release Announcement

Release Date: January 20, 2017

Release Highlights


v2.8.0 contains a variety of changes that enhance tools within SSP. The specific issues are noted below, but there are additional resources with information about the changes. A major change is the upgrade to support Java 8 and Tomcat 8. Only those versions are supposed with the 2.8 release. Highlights include new tools and features:

  • Bulk add students/assign coaches
  • Admin tools to run background jobs, view message queue and view status of background jobs
  • External View Tools
  • Create elective list for MAP courses
  • Special Service Group external sync
  • Email notification for student withdrawal
  • New participation score for courses
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Success Indicator search and Early Alert generation
  • Message Queue view for email history

Fresh Installation Instructions

See SSP v2.8.0 Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Source Code Forks

See SSP Source Code Upgrade Process

Additional Upgrade Steps


It is important to first follow the steps in the Release Notes for v2.6.0.

The SSP development team is not aware of any SSP deployments integrated with CAS, but this release includes two security-related patch sets specifically targeted at CAS integrations:

  • SSP-2721 - Scrubs certain CAS-specific request parameters. The changes and effects are detailed in the uPortal project.  No work should be required to enable the patch, but you may want to review that document to better understand the CAS-related configuration changes included in this release.
  • SSP-2724 - Works around what amounts to a CAS-specific session hijacking vulnerability. The changes and effects are detailed in the uPortal project and the <platform-src>/uportal-war/src/main/resources/properties/ file includes greatly expanded comments describing recommended configuration changes. You will likely want to review the email thread and changes to that file whether or not you use CAS. The new defaults may interfere with your existing authentication provider integrations, especially AD/LDAP. SSP-specific details below.
  • SSP-3130 - Upgrade Apache Commons Security Issue. A patch was added for Apache security into 2.8 and rel-2-7-patches. None changes were made to 2.6.


1 - Add new permission external view tools

SSP-3154 adds a feature to add additional tools links, four maximum, to the tools menu.  For each tool, permissions are assigned to administrator and developer roles by default.  Permissions must be added to additional roles in order for the tools to appear.  This requires a new permission that needs to be imported into SSP-Platform  Run the following command from the SSP-Platform directory

ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Ddir=uportal-war/src/main/data/ssp_entities/patches-SSP-2-8-0 data-import

SSP v2.8.0 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-2635] - Capitalize MAP Report
  • [SSP-2751] - Early Alert Case Count summary truncates selected term list
  • [SSP-2757] - Random result sorting in certain reports
  • [SSP-2799] - EarlyAlertStudentOutreachReportController is dead code
  • [SSP-2935] - Loading Saved MAP Templates/Plans fails on valid JSON containing Unicode
  • [SSP-3037] - Multiple active program statuses
  • [SSP-3101] - Silent Fail when there is No Current Term Available
  • [SSP-3114] - Caseload sorting by coach is incorrect
  • [SSP-3115] - MAP plan fails with invalid program code
  • [SSP-3117] - Save Template
  • [SSP-3125] - SSP-Platform/uPortal builds failing with stax.codehaus issue
  • [SSP-3128] - Infinite load spinner on Saving a Template with Tag/Folder
  • [SSP-3129] - EarlyAlert Response Status and Details Show Intermittently
  • [SSP-3130] - Upgrade Apache Commons Collections to v3.2.2
  • [SSP-3149] - NPE when Group or Person is Missing in EA Campus Routing
  • [SSP-3157] - Add/Edit a Student or insert/update on Person doesn't update PersonDirectory
  • [SSP-3158] - MAP Plan Status Calculation Doesn't Consider Retaken Courses
  • [SSP-3159] - Bump JRE/JDK dependency to 1.8
  • [SSP-3174] - MAP Plan Create From Template Id
  • [SSP-3176] - Person Staff Details not updated in sync
  • [SSP-3185] - Blurb/Text Save and Display Issues
  • [SSP-3186] - MAP Template menu persists after save as plan
  • [SSP-3188] - Non-Course doesn't satisfy course requisite
  • [SSP-3191] - Permissions problem with coach adding electives
  • [SSP-3192] - New MAP creation error
  • [SSP-3215] - Fix Student Counts in EA Course Report
  • [SSP-3216] - Fix Labeling and Calculation for Students with Multiple Reasons on EA Reason Report
  • [SSP-3217] - Change Labels in EA Student Outreach and EA Student Outcomes Reports
  • [SSP-3220] - Student Transcript Course Section Code nullable in documentation but not in code
  • [SSP-3222] - Main Tool Intervention Indicators don't scale after adding Participation

New Features

  • [SSP-514] - Message queue browser
  • [SSP-3119] - Faculty email allow/block configuration
  • [SSP-3124] - Sync SSP-Platform i8n/internationalization with SSP
  • [SSP-3127] - Disable Background Jobs for Multi-SSP installs
  • [SSP-3153] - (Re)Assign Coaches from Imported CSV File
  • [SSP-3154] - SSP External View Tool (Civitas)
  • [SSP-3155] - Develop Ability to Identify Elective Courses in MAP Template
  • [SSP-3156] - Develop a MAP Template Builder Outside of Student Record
  • [SSP-3161] - Build external table to be used to set SSG from SIS
  • [SSP-3162] - Add code and email notify on withdraw fields to Special Service Group in Admin
  • [SSP-3163] - Add SSG external data sync configs
  • [SSP-3165] - Modify Person sync to sync SSG to internal students
  • [SSP-3166] - Email notification to Advisor on Student withdrawl based on Special Service Group
  • [SSP-3167] - Add entry in configuration options to define which enrollment status code changes generate an email
  • [SSP-3168] - Add Configuration Option to allow Admin to set sync interval
  • [SSP-3169] - Build history table for external_student_transcript_course.status_code
  • [SSP-3170] - Create new method that generates an Advisor Email based on SSG and Course Withdrawals
  • [SSP-3171] - Create Message Template for Advisor email for course withdrawals
  • [SSP-3172] - Create "Special Service Course Enrollment" Report
  • [SSP-3181] - Admin Background Job Manual Interface
  • [SSP-3193] - Add Column for Participation Score to Main tool, Schedule tab
  • [SSP-3194] - Add varchar column to external_student_transcript_course to contain data for new Participation Score column
  • [SSP-3195] - Add a new Success Indicator for Participation (display in Student Indicators box) on Dashboard
  • [SSP-3196] - Add checkbox to each Risk Indicator admin screen to "Show in Caseload"
  • [SSP-3197] - Add column titled "Risk" to Caseload & Watchlist to display number of Risk Indicators for student flagged as Red/Yellow
  • [SSP-3198] - Update Data Importer Tool for External Data in 2.8
  • [SSP-3201] - Accessibility Improvements - SSP Portlet / Students Tab
  • [SSP-3218] - Add "At Risk" criteria to Search form & new column in Search results
  • [SSP-3219] - Auto-Generate Early Alert for Nightly Changes to Success Indicators


  • [SSP-868] - Add special service group to external data sync
  • [SSP-1987] - Load Template dialog keeps previous filter
  • [SSP-2199] - MAP- decouple Template building from Plan building
  • [SSP-2579] - Email routing override
  • [SSP-2987] - Expand evaluated success indicator panels 100% vertically
  • [SSP-3078] - Early Alert Portlet Course Order By Term and Larger Default Page Size
  • [SSP-3089] - Move Hibernate Version To 4.1.4.Final
  • [SSP-3122] - Optional Faculty Email on Early Alert Responses (except creation/close)
  • [SSP-3123] - Add registration status fields to Registered dropdown in Search
  • [SSP-3134] - Extend Internationalization features to SSP Portlet
  • [SSP-3160] - Add Special Service Group to External Data
  • [SSP-3187] - Improve person sync transaction flush times




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