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  • SSP v2.X Bulk Caseload Add and Re-assignment
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SSP Bulk Caseload Add and Re-assignment Feature

Available beginning in v2.8.0


  • The bulk caseload tool adds new functionality for two process. First, the tool allows for students in external data to be added to SSP with an assigned coach. Second, the tool allows for the assigned coach to be changed from one coach to another. The tool is available to administrators only.  

Use Case:

  • The caseload assignment coach re-assign tool, available to managers and administrators, allow for simple one coach to another coach re-assignments with ease. The bulk tool allows for multiple source and target coaches to be processed at once as well as adding students. Commonly, students are added to SSP in bulk at the beginning of a term to add students to SSP at once.


  • SSP Admin
  • Caseload Assignment


  • The tool accepts CSV files as input that SSP will import and create a background job request to process the records as a batch based on the configured batch size, 100 by default. The administrator selects the file through the user interface which is validated for correct form and imported into SSP. The input can be student adds, coach assignments or a combination of both. It is important that large requests are completed in off hours.

File Definition

  • school_id
  • coach_school_id
  • person requesting school_id

File Row Samples

  • rjones210,,admin
    • Student rjones210 is being added to SSP by admin with the assumption that the coach is assigned in the external_person row in the database
  • mbrown51,coach2,admin
    • Student mbrown51 is being assigned to coach2 by admin


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