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Welcome to ThinkSpace

ThinkSpace is a web-based, instructional platform designed to deliver classroom content that focuses on real-world cases, scenarios and  other activities involving higher-order thinking skills, ill-defined problems, and collaboration. ThinkSpace is unique because the platform enables a case study approach that simulates real-world problems and environments, thereby encouraging innovative curriculum for teachers and students alike. Another unique aspect of ThinkSpace is that it offers many unique tools to assess assignments. The open-source platform architecture, combined with the instructional tools and curriculum design it offers, makes it possible for teachers to manage their students’ work and learning progression while concurrently encouraging/ prodding students to take more responsibility and accountability for their own learning outcomes. 

To get started using ThinkSpace, you'll need your Net ID and password to sign in. Once you sign in, you'll be taken to your "Space". If others have shared their space(s) with you, you can click on the link. If you don't have any existing spaces, you can easily create your own. Just select "New Space". Documentation and tutorials are under development now.

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