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  • 2017-02-21 uPSC meeting notes
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February 21, 2017


Discussed uPortal topics that came up at ESUP-Days. The uPortal presentation was well received - Slides / Notes / Video (en) @0:21 / Video (fr) @0:21. There continue to be challenges collaborating due to language differences but there is interest in continued improvements, possibly including documentation in alternate languages. We discussed making a public statement about internationalization, localization, and accessibility in the readme and commit guidelines/checklist. We discussed non-uPortal-based applications that a couple French universities have developed locally that may have some characteristics available in angularjs-portal. We determined we need to do more communication about the capabilities of angularjs-portal.

uPortal collaboration days at Open Apereo

We discussed plans for collaborating on the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday following the conference.

Action items


  • Andrew Petro and/or Drew Wills will circulate the idea of Apereo becoming a CNA.
  • Jim Helwig will complete the next draft of the incident response plan.
  • Drew Wills will contact Edinburgh to discuss WCP incubation.
  • Jim Helwig will continue to poll the uPSC for a survey lead
  • Jim Helwig will continue to solicit a community call coordinator from the uPSC 
  • Andrew Petro will continue to work through GitHub logistics on the uportal-dev list
  • Andrew Petro will follow up with the uPSC on GitHub policy
  • Andrew Petro will take look at leveraging the new GitHub organization web site capabilities