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  • 2017-03-21 uPSC meeting notes
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March 21, 2017


angularjs-portal incubation

We discussed the progress angularjs-portal has made in the incubation process. UW-Madison has a number of tasks on their backlog to support further progress. The next incubation update meeting will be open to others to attend. 

Committer review

We discussed committer status. It was decided that committers remain committers for life, although it may make sense to disable privileged access in some cases where there is no expectation that it will be needed. Access would readily be restored if requested. We decided that each project in the uPortal ecosystem will have its own definitive list of committers but that this list may include (or defer to) the list of uPortal committers. We determined that the definitive lists will be documented in a committer text file in each project.

uPortal success examples

We discussed a request from individuals working on the Apereo website and marketing materials for short descriptions of examples in the uPortal community of sharing development or implementation costs, or collaborating to extend a shared vision. Community members are encouraged to send examples to the uPSC.

ESUP-Portail update

We discussed the latest updates on upgrading plans within the ESUP-Portail community. Florent Fareneau from University of Valencienne is the new uPortal coordinator for ESUP-Portail.

uPortal collaboration at Open Apereo

We discussed collecting collaboration ideas in advance of the event in a google doc. Community members are encouraged to add their thoughts and interest to the document.

uPortal ecosystem badge

We discussed plans for projects to be able to add a badge indicating they are part of the uPortal ecosystem.

Apereo Fellows nominations

We were reminded that Apereo Fellows nominations are due March 31. 

Action items


  • Drew Wills will contact Edinburgh to discuss WCP incubation.
  • Jim Helwig will continue to poll the uPSC for a survey lead
  • Jim Helwig will continue to solicit a community call coordinator from the uPSC 
  • Andrew Petro will continue to work through GitHub logistics on the uportal-dev list
  • Andrew Petro will follow up with the uPSC on GitHub policy
  • Andrew Petro will take look at leveraging the new GitHub organization web site capabilities

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