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  • 2017-04-18 uPSC meeting notes
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April 18, 2017


uPortal committer review

Progress was made in determining the list of committers, past and present and how this is conically documented.

uPortal collaboration @ Open Apereo

Ideas continue to be gathered for what people would like to collaborate on at the Open Apereo conference. The community is invited to add their ideas at uPortal related sessions were highlighted in an email sent to the community.

angularjs-portal/uPortal-home update

Progress on moving though the incubation process continued. Interested parties can review the incubation checklistofficial incubation record, and the listing on Apereo website. A couple additional people from the uPortal community attended the incubation update call. The project is suggesting a way of documenting committers. The next incubation update call is scheduled for May 25th at 10am ET. Watch the uPortal community list for logistics on the call.

Q1 2017 licensing practices

We reviewed an analysis of uPortal CLA practices for the most recent quarter and will be reaching out to new contributors to ensure ICLAs are processed. 

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