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  • 2017-05-16 uPSC meeting notes
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May 16th, 2017 


uPortal representative for Apereo Licensing group

The uPSC nominated Brendan Owers from the University of Edinburgh to serve on the newly-rebooted Apereo Licensing group.

uPortal @ Open Apereo

We reviewed the status of the 10ish presentations that members of the uPSC were involved in. The complete schedule is available at The community can still express interest in the various ideas for the collaboration days at or even add new ideas.

Documenting committers

Progress continues to be made on documenting uPortal committers.

ICLA process

It was noted that there are still wrinkles in the process for submitting ICLAs. Five new ones were submitted from Oakland but are not yet listed.

uPortal 5 progress

Plans are to separate non-war stuff to its own repo and cut a milestone release of a thing called “uPortal 5.0.0 M1”.

Annual report

The draft annual report was reviewed. It was noted that the list of contributors may be incomplete due to the challenge of reporting on branches within Github.

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