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  • 2017-08-15 uPSC meeting notes
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August 15th, 2017 



No progress on the draft of a process for handling future small projects that are part of the uPortal ecosystem, although it was noted Benito is now the Incubation Working Group chair. The next check-in call for uPortal Home incubation is September 20th. We expect to see a good amount of progress and anticipate greater interest in call participation. We will reach out to the University of Edinburgh to check on interest in submitting their Notifications work for incubation.

Open Apereo Follow-up

No progress on getting out further summaries of the conference in general and the roadmap in particular.

uPortal meetup

A survey will be sent to the list shortly to gauge interest in a uPortal gathering in Madison later this year.


uPortal tweets and retweets continue. Andrew has posted a number of entries at #uPortal. Brandon and Benito anticipate doing so shortly. We anticipate having a webinar September 7th at 11am ET on uPortal-start. That lack of significant use of Slack and IRC was noted.

uPortal 5

uPortal-start is closer to being ready. We may de-scope some work (e.g., Spring4, canonical uPortal Docker artifact) in order to get a release out sooner. We may see a release candidate and feature freeze mid-September and a general availability release in October.

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