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  • 2017-12-19 uPSC meeting notes
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19 December 2017 




We welcomed our new members, Julien, Lauren, Steven, and Marissa (in absentia) and introduced both ourselves and our hopes for the uPSC over the next year. We collectively would like to see continued product improvements and regular releases, increased transparency, improvements to features and ease of deployment, and increased contributions and community involvement.

uPortal 5

uPortal 5.0.3 released. We anticipate seeing regular patch releases.

Incubation and the uPortal Ecosystem Intake Process

Significant progress has been made on making uPortal-Home ready for adoption. Unicon has recently focused resources on this. A formal status call on incubation status will occur in January.

The new uPortal Intake Process has been published at This process should make it easier for organizations and individuals to collaborate on more new projects in the context of Apereo and the greater uPortal Community. Benito has already proposed a project and UW-Madison has several they will propose.

We discussed how to make it easier to collaborate on documents and to find various elements of the uPortal ecosystem, including work available from our French colleagues. We have created a uPortal Community Team Drive in Google Docs.

uPortal Developer Days 2017

We had over 18 local and remote participants. Feedback about the event has been generally positive. Links to video archives (and the opportunity to provide additional feedback) are in the collaboration doc.

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