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  • 2018-03-07 uPSC meeting notes
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7 March 2018



uPortal Intake

We discussed the status of uportal-home , uPortal App Framework. The next incubation call is Monday, 3/12. We also discussed UofE Notification project. UofE may share their notifications user research.

uPortal 5

uPortal 5.1 should be out in March. There were 5 portal patch releases recently. 

Open Apereo 2018 Conference

We discussed encouraging participation in the uPortal Collaboration Days at the conference. People can indicate their intention to attend as well as the topics they would like to discuss at We will encourage discussion of this on-list so as to increase the awareness in the community of how participation in these days can be useful.


We discussed the TideLift project and how uPortal is already making progress in many of the same areas emphasized by TideLift. We are encouraged to track the conversation on  open@ thread

Strategic Planning

We discussed how uPortal work fits into Apereo Strategic Planning Our project health metrics are aligned with the Software Community Health goal.

Apereo Welcoming Policy

Questions were raised as to what the status is of the review of the Apereo Welcoming Policy. It was stated that the board reviewed an updated draft and hopes to have it published soon. Specifically, it should have better information on how to file an issue.

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