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  • 2018-04-04 uPSC meeting notes
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4 April 2018



uPortal Project Health

We discussed some measures of project health.  Over roughly the last month there were 3 milestone and 1 patch release of uPortal itself, 1 major, 1 minor, and 1 patch release of uPortal-home, and 1 major and 2 patch releases of uPortal-app-framework. There have been no releases of uPortal-start.  It was suggested that we open up the general question of how to monitor and report on project health to the uPortal-dev list.

uPortal and Apereo

We discussed the recently posted draft of the Apereo Strategic Planning document. We discussed the recent decision from the Sakai project to release their community coordinator. We discussed the value of participating in the annual Open Apereo conference as well as the value of uPortal-specific meet ups.

uPortal Supporting Subscription

We discussed the status of the current uPortal supporting subscription program (UW ($20K), BYU ($1K), Oakland ($5K) = $26K/year). It still seems desirable to try to hit a level of subscribers to support hiring a person who would focus their efforts on the uPortal project. At this time we are storing funds until we hit a critical, sustainable level.

Project Intake

uPortal-Home, uPortal App Framework has goal of being included in uPortal-start this quarter. We clarified questions around the uPortal intake process and how anything intended for use in the uPortal ecosystem could be proposed. Projects can be proposed even in the early stages.

Spring PortletMVC end-of-support

We discussed various strategies for dealing with Spring PortletMVC end-of-support including developing portlets without that framework, converting to soffits, replacing with widgets, and developing standalone web apps. It was agreed to discuss on uportal-dev.

Open Apereo 2018 Conference

There are around a dozen uPortal-related presentations. Collaboration around uPortal collaboration days will be encouraged on list

Apereo Welcoming Policy

Questions were again raised about the status of the Apereo welcoming policy, which uPortal references. 

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