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uPortal 3.0.7 GA announcement

Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 3.0.7. uPortal 3.0.7 is a patch release for uPortal installations already on 3.0. Database and configuration compatibility is maintained for patch releases so upgrading to a patch release should be very easy for deployers.

The following issues have been addressed for 3.0.7:


  • UP-2765 - Sitemap tab links make you "stuck" on the selected tab
  • UP-2768 - Fix List<IPortletPreference> persistence to reduce DB churn
  • UP-2795 - Unicon News portlet pointed at broken RSS feed
  • UP-2835 - Framework webflow portlets don't minimize
  • UP-2840 - Logging of XML in StaticRenderingPipeline uses inconsistent checks


  • UP-2258 - Add name to iframe channel
  • UP-2762 - Handle orphaned/corrupt channel SUBSCRIBE permissions more gracefully in export-channel.crn (Import/Export)
  • UP-2804 - Improve uPortal 3.x performance by avoiding the persistence of unused portlet entities.
  • UP-2817 - Check JDK Version in quickstart ant script
  • UP-2841 - Allow CDATA to be used in .channel files

Downloads are available from:
Release notes are available at:

-Eric Dalquist

Bugs known to afflict uPortal 3.0.7

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