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uPortal 3.2.5 GA Announcement

Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 3.2.5. The most recent changes in 3.2.5 include significant improvements to data export performance. Deployers on 3.2 that are planning on upgrading to 4.0 are encouraged to use 3.2.5 for exporting their existing data. There have been a total of 66 issues addressed in the the last 18 months since the 3.2.4 release.


  • [UP-3165] - When a portlet begins to leak rendering threads, prevent it from obtaining more threads beyond a configurable number


  • [UP-2042] - If you reset the guest user's layout with the default, it totally hoses uPortal (only can see error after restart)
  • [UP-2476] - wrong suffix in import/export online tool for fragment owners
  • [UP-2619] - Receiving "unknown error occured" JS messages trying to add portlets to locked-down DLM fragments
  • [UP-2671] - Add Tab to Fragment - Step Count Typo and Mystery Radio Button
  • [UP-2693] - Moving from xml based dlm to rdbm based dlm fragment owners is problematic
  • [UP-2785] - "Page needs a session and none is available" error in catalina.out
  • [UP-2796] - Portlet Help link visually mangled in "uPortal 3" and "Coal" themes
  • [UP-2805] - uPortal icon link does not take user to Home tab
  • [UP-2857] - Portlets containing namespace tag fail on first request in mobile theme
  • [UP-2858] - upgrade quartz dependency to version 1.8.4
  • [UP-2881] - Resource Aggregation Toggle Broken
  • [UP-2882] - Toggling Aggregation doesn't clear cache
  • [UP-2886] - escaping values in portlet-admin
  • [UP-2889] - NPE in PersonImpl that has not been fully initialized
  • [UP-2899] - Export Portlet Fails
  • [UP-2900] - Bookmarks portlet doesn't start on uPortal 3.2.2
  • [UP-2904] - Portlet Name Not Appearing in Flyout Menu After Adding it to the Tab
  • [UP-2906] - WebProxyPortlet needs to filter from uportal-impl/target.../ now that filtering is in place
  • [UP-2909] - DLM channel permission restrictions are not included in layout exports
  • [UP-2911] - Portlet preferences don't show in portlet manager review screen
  • [UP-2928] - Portlet Entity Persistence is not Thread Safe
  • [UP-2980] - Browser reload in CONFIG mode crashes Portlet Manager portlet
  • [UP-3052] - Drag & Drop doesn't work on IE9
  • [UP-3053] - Custom Hibernate UserTypes are not Serializable
  • [UP-3055] - iframe portlet doesn't support all attributes
  • [UP-3056] - Non ajax delete portlet links did not persist layout
  • [UP-3057] - DLM fails if activeTab is not set
  • [UP-3060] - Non-Classloader safe use of XPath
  • [UP-3061] - Publishing a portlet with hidden params or prefs loses data
  • [UP-3064] - IE9 DnD 'hotfix' breaks JavaScript in rel-3-2-patches
  • [UP-3100] - Layout import fails for structure attributes that apply to folders that represent a part of a DLM fragment
  • [UP-3131] - uPortal Mobile is hardcoded in XSL but should come from messages.xml
  • [UP-3132] - muniversality XSL wraps portlet content with a class that provides a background colour but its not included in the output
  • [UP-3138] - Javascript broken in uP 3.2.x r24768
  • [UP-3139] - Delete accidental commit of uportal-ear/src/main/application/META-INF/application.xml
  • [UP-3140] - Skin xsl files contain extra amp; in urls.
  • [UP-3152] - If your session has timed out and you remove a portlet, the portlet disappears even though the action is not actually completed
  • [UP-3159] - Back is hardcoded in XSL but should come from messages.xml
  • [UP-3160] - CSiteMap can prevent the proper functioning of the ResetMyLayout portlet when users click 'Sign Out'
  • [UP-3161] - Misbehaving portlets can cause channel rendering threads to leak and bring the portal to its knees
  • [UP-3163] - DLM feature 'allowExpandedContent' broken
  • [UP-3195] - Missing Channel prevents fragment layout to be modified
  • [UP-3200] - fragment-admin is missing from defaultUserTemplate
  • [UP-3221] - tab management of ajax-preferences writes & into URL instead of &
  • [UP-3233] - Cannot add portlets to a tab immediately after changing the column layout
  • [UP-3241] - Incorrect meta info in mobile portal header


  • [UP-2622] - Fragment owners should have their own template layout
  • [UP-2890] - Enhance SmartLdapGroupStore to detect and ignore circular group references
  • [UP-2895] - Remove unused channels from default layouts
  • [UP-2948] - Enhace GaP (groups) to be more resilient to abrupt loss of group nodes in external systems
  • [UP-3051] - Clean up channel thread pool management
  • [UP-3058] - Exposte uPortal thread pool statistics via JMX
  • [UP-3059] - Store DLM fragment UserView in Ehcache
  • [UP-3312] - When exporting, detect corrupt layouts and do not include them
  • [UP-3365] - PAGS XML parser small issue
  • [UP-3418] - Fix performance issues around data export

New Feature

  • [UP-2228] - Add "revert to default layout" button to page layout dialog
  • [UP-2887] - Add support for externally hosted CSS files
  • [UP-2894] - Expanded header and footer content from DLM fragments
  • [UP-2927] - Provide a 'Reset My Layout' Portlet
  • [UP-2934] - Ability to restart portlets on demand
  • [UP-2957] - Add a framework portlet for auditing the current DLM fragments
  • [UP-2958] - Enhance the DLM fragment audit portlet to show included portlets as well
  • [UP-2970] - Provide portlets with reports on which portlets have been added by users and how many times


  • [UP-2674] - Complete uPortal NOTICE file

Release Notes:

-Eric Dalquist

Deployer Notes

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5
  • Requires JDK 1.6.0_26 or newer
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading from a version earlier than 4.0.0

Issues addressed in uPortal 3.2.5

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Bugs known to afflict uPortal 3.2

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