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23 May 2014

uPortal Announcement

Apereo has released uPortal, which is uPortal 4.0.13 with security fixes to properly enforce MANAGE and CONFIG permissions.

Prior to this release, portlet administration permissions are bugged such that

  1. CVE-2014-3416 anyone who can SUBSCRIBE the portlet-admin portlet can MANAGE any portlet, regardless of intended delegated administration MANAGE and MANAGE-* permission restrictions , and
  2. CVE-2014-3417 anyone who can SUBSCRIBE a given portlet can enter CONFIG mode of that portlet to the extent that the portlet has a CONFIG mode.

Updating from 4.0.0-4.0.5

If you have data you care about in the UP_LOGIN_EVENT_AGGREGATE table please back it up externally or rename the table before executing the following steps. db-update will drop this table.

After configuring your uPortal source run:

ant db-update


Where to get it

Release Notes:
Maven Project Site:  

In Maven Central:


Full Release Notes

JIRA-generated Release Notes - uPortal - Version

Security Bug

  • [UP-4105] - CVE-2014-3416 MANAGE[-*] permissions not enforced
  • [UP-4106] - CVE-2014-3417 Any user can Configure any portlet they can SUBSCRIBE


  • [UP-3869] - Bamboo build failures with 'connection exception: connection failure:' on hsql shutdown


- Andrew Petro (with a lot of help from Tim Levett )



Issues addressed in uPortal

Key Summary T P Status Resolution

Bugs known to afflict uPortal

(Note that this listing is only as good as JIRA issue metadata about affects-version.)

Key Summary T P Status Resolution