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uPortal 4.0.3 GA Announcement

Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 4.0.3. This release introduces a Event Logging framework which handles aggregation and purging of portal events to provide useful statistical reports. There have also been several significant performance improvements thanks to folks who are actively working to deploy 4.0. uPortal is now using Hibernate 4.0, Spring 3.1, and Ehcache 2.5, keeping our major libraries up to date and allowing deployers to take advantage of new features.

Important Update Notes

  1. The UP_MUTEX table has changed, for step 2 to succede please drop the UP_MUTEX table before running db-hibernate-update
  2. There are a few new tables in 4.0.3. To add these tables run ant db-hibernate-update once you have the 4.0.3 source installed.


  • [UP-1435] - DLM fragments, tabs and channels wrong locale
  • [UP-2976] - A number of defects found via Findbugs
  • [UP-3241] - Incorrect meta info in mobile portal header
  • [UP-3243] - JpaPortalEventStoreTest uses invalid dates
  • [UP-3245] - URLCanonicalization redirect cookie has incorrect path scope
  • [UP-3246] - issue importing profiles from up3.2.5 into uP4.0.2
  • [UP-3247] - issue importing required-data for uP4.0.2 for defaultTemplateUser_default.profile.xml
  • [UP-3253] - Postgres driver doesn't support query timeouts
  • [UP-3254] - uportal 4.0.2 + mysql specified key was too long issue
  • [UP-3255] - Import fails on group_memberships when 3.0 and 3.2 styles are mixed
  • [UP-3257] - "Cancel" in person lookup form doesn't work
  • [UP-3258] - spring-modules-cache-08a.jar is not included in uPortal 4
  • [UP-3260] - "link title" on menu entries is channel title/name where it should be the description (otherwise channel's description is quite useless)
  • [UP-3262] - ProfileImportHelper getting passed BigDecimal objects in constructor where int primitives are expected
  • [UP-3265] - Test failure for org.jasig.portal.rendering.RenderingPipelineIntegrationTest.testRenderingPipeline -- Failed to transform document
  • [UP-3266] - Changing locale, doesn't reflect changes in subtab (dropdown) navigation without logout
  • [UP-3270] - Cached fragment layouts are not i18n-able
  • [UP-3271] - Export throws exception due to failure of creating a file with a name that contains invalid characters. The invalid characters in this case are specifically a "|".
  • [UP-3272] - BlackBerry Storm does not receive mobile theme
  • [UP-3273] - ETag headers not set the first time a cacheable resource is requested
  • [UP-3287] - Broken link on front page of uPortal Demo 4.0.2
  • [UP-3289] - JPA CriteraQueries don't fetch associations
  • [UP-3291] - No matching transistion for 'cancel' in group Manager
  • [UP-3292] - ClassCastException in Permissions per Category
  • [UP-3294] - Description for Portlet registeration mentions JSR 168, but not JSR 286 portlets
  • [UP-3302] - Links in Sitemap portlet are broken
  • [UP-3308] - Unnecessary call to /uPortal/api/people.json when performing an empty search for a user as admin
  • [UP-3311] - PermissionsRESTController references incorrect package for AuthorizableActivity
  • [UP-3313] - Concurrent 1st compile of CriteriaQuery can cause failures
  • [UP-3314] - Fix sql string escaping in RDBMUserIdentityStore
  • [UP-3322] - db task still modifies database when generating a script file
  • [UP-3327] - Portlets not rendering in minimized for mobile


  • [UP-3275] - Create delegating TaskScheduler
  • [UP-3285] - Add @RequestCache Annotation
  • [UP-3301] - Simplify cache region naming when using BaseJpaDao
  • [UP-3312] - When exporting, detect corrupt layouts and do not include them
  • [UP-3319] - Replace old sequence generators with Hibernate's TableGenerator

New Feature

  • [UP-2603] - Statistical Analysis Tool
  • [UP-3274] - Create helper redirection service to allow linking to other portlets
  • [UP-3324] - Add mobile skinning resources for campus life portlets
  • [UP-3325] - Add mobile icons for campus life portlets


  • [UP-3098] - Ensure that all messages in XSL, JSP and JavaScript files are internationalizable
  • [UP-3299] - Create import/export handler for event aggregation config
  • [UP-3309] - Upgrade Hibernate & Spring

Release Notes:

-Eric Dalquist

Deployer Notes

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5
  • Requires JDK 1.6.0_26 or newer
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading.

Issues addressed in uPortal 4.0.3

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Bugs known to afflict uPortal 4.0

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