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uPortal 4.0.7 GA Announcement

Jasig is proud to announce the general audience release of uPortal 4.0.7. This release includes 34 bug fixes and improvements on top of the 4.0.6. The largest change in 4.0.7 is the inclusion of a statistics reporting portlet that integrates with the event aggregation added in 4.0.6.

Features and Changes of Note

  • UP-3448 - A reporting portlet has been added to work with the database persistent events and event aggregation. The included reports are for Total Logins, Unique Logins, and Concurrent Users.
  • UP-3038 - The externalId layout structure parameter is now used as part of the URL if specified. The default layouts have been modified to specify an externalId as an example.
  • UP-3560 - Improved default person-directory configuration to enable caching. Existing deployers should review the new file for an example on how to enable attribute retrieval caching.

Updating from 4.0.0-4.0.5

If you have data you care about in the UP_LOGIN_EVENT_AGGREGATE table please back it up externally or rename the table before executing the following steps. db-update will drop this table.

After configuring your uPortal 4.0.7 source run:

  • ant db-update

Release Notes:
Maven Project Site:

Full Release Notes

  • [UP-2869] - Improve usability of person lookup flow
  • [UP-3190] - Update the skin name and thumb image in the gallery
  • [UP-3448] - Create example login stats portlet
  • [UP-3040] - Portal page footer in Japanese is wrapped
  • [UP-3284] - 'Authenticated Users' PAGS group bug -- PersonImpl.isGuest() reports false for user 'guest' when called from within ...pags.testers.GuestUserTester
  • [UP-3370] - No Portlets Listed When Adding A New Portlet Category
  • [UP-3469] - Group administration not showing members until edit
  • [UP-3500] - md5passwd Ant task fails with ClassNotFoundException: com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.ContextFactory
  • [UP-3530] - Portlets without a category are not handled well
  • [UP-3544] - Switching to 1 column layout disables all of the other layouts
  • [UP-3547] - Use portlet title rather than name in mobile view
  • [UP-3555] - Enable caching in default person directory configuration
  • [UP-3557] - javax.portlet.escapeXml container option not working
  • [UP-3558] - ant md5passwd broken
  • [UP-3559] - Person Directory sees queries for ALL, ALL_GROUPS, ALL_* pseudo targets
  • [UP-3563] - Hung worker tracking not working
  • [UP-3565] - Portlet Manager 'User Editable' toggle for portlet preferences is broken
  • [UP-3574] - Update web proxy portlet to 1.1.7
  • [UP-3575] - UP_PORTLET_ENT.USER_ID is missing an index
  • [UP-3582] - Current implementation of UrlStringBuilder doesn't work with compound context names
  • [UP-3583] - dbtest never completes
  • [UP-3587] - When you click on a specific person in the Search portlet results, the entire list of results is re-displayed in the Directory portlet
  • [UP-3588] - Pluto mis-parses escapeXml portlet.xml setting
  • [UP-3589] - Improve default database pooling config
  • [UP-3591] - NULL portlet preference value returend even if default vaue is provided
  • [UP-2593] - Create User Management Portlet
  • [UP-3038] - Use tab externalId in URL if present
  • [UP-3556] - Update JasigWidgetPortlets to 1.0.3
  • [UP-3560] - Enable caching for default person directory configuration
  • [UP-3561] - Improve default ldap pooling configuration
  • [UP-3593] - Make quickstart scripts wait for tomcat/hsql
  • [UP-3548] - Update bundled email-preview portlet to version 2.0.1
  • [UP-3579] - Update the bundled NewsReaderPortlet to version 3.0.3
  • [UP-3592] - Remove old/broken ant targets

-Eric Dalquist

Deployer Notes

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5
  • Requires JDK 1.6.0_26 or newer
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading from a version earlier than 4.0.0

Issues addressed in uPortal 4.0.7

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Bugs known to afflict uPortal 4.0

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