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Released: 25 August 2014


Download the release


You can grab the binary releases, including a ready-to-start Quickstart release, from the GitHub release page.

Security bugs known to affect uPortal 4.1.1


This macro will automatically display publicly visible security bugs tagged as affecting this release in the issue tracker.

Key Summary P


See also : Release announcement as posted on uportal-user@ email list.

Human readable release notes


See the GitHub release page for human-readable release notes.



Deployer Notes

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5.  You probably actually want a recent Tomcat 7.
  • Requires Java 7 ("JDK 1.7") or newer.  Java 8 ("JDK 1.8") might also work, but wasn't the target version for this patch series.
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading.

Issues addressed in uPortal 4.1.1


Bugs known to afflict uPortal 4.1.1

(Note that this is only as good as the affects-version metadata on JIRA issues).

Key Summary P
UP-4221 Continuing ant build issues with downloaded artifacts having 301 Moved Permanently html content Blocker
UP-4482 Add caching to two DB PAGS methods Critical
UP-4679 Associating a single user with multiple fragment definitions (normally by accident) cripples the portal Critical
UP-4446 NPE for RDBMServices attempting to release connection never obtained Major
UP-4431 Change default search auto-suggest to pre-populated portlet list Major
UP-4425 Marketplace Search returns portlets user does not have access to Major
UP-4324 Respondr Customize drawer does not work if some portlets have different show chrome settings Major
UP-4264 request.getETag() sometimes provides eTag value when If-None-Match not in request header Major
UP-4255 Clear fluid_1_5 in universality and muniversality Major
UP-4246 Related portlets includes un-BROWSE-able portlets Major
UP-4220 uPortal does not correctly clear fluid_1_5 var after loading fluid in Respondr Major
UP-4143 EventSession purge fails to page, OutOfMemory can result Major
UP-3918 Portlets in Header folder break if Tips is not on page Major
UP-3728 Bundled CalendarPortlet has logging config file with the wrong name Major
UP-3553 Transient portlets loaded by fname change the current tab Major
UP-3516 Profile-Based DLM evaluator does not import/export consistently Major
UP-3307 Using the back button in a web browser causes side effects for showing users permissions Major
UP-2936 Invoking an action when session expired gives a blank screen Major
UP-4603 Tenant Manager - cannot parse template with CDATA Major
UP-4455 uPortal builds failing with org.codehaus.staxmate:staxmate:jar:2.0.1 due to codehaus repo termination Major
UP-4657 Portlet Manager -- deleting a portlet does not remove it from categories or update permissions Major
UP-4669 ant db-update fails for HSQLDB Major
UP-4713 Subclasses of o.j.p.g.pags.testers.IntegerTester don't handle non-String values Major
UP-4663 uPortal hosted assets (JPG, CSS) not using cache-control and browser does HTTP GET Major
UP-3886 SaxParserImpl warnings on properties on Java 1.7.0_45 warnings with uP 4.0.13 Major
UP-4585 Create Group in admin UI does not display field labels Minor
UP-4520 uPortal web.xml specifies sessionConfig, not session-config and servlet 2.5 not 3.0 Minor
UP-4380 Less variable @portlet-options-link-color does not work Minor
UP-4334 Guest has portlet options 'Rate this Portlet' and 'Add to my Favorites' Minor
UP-4266 Search results for simpleCMS and other portlets show useless link title such as 'cms' Minor
UP-4257 Portlet Manager - Editable preferences running over one another Minor
UP-4244 DLM Admin Edit Portlet Permissions dialog has extra text Minor
UP-4206 Layout / Fragment Layout Export fails when portlet preference value is null Minor
UP-4198 Manage portlets Portlet Preferences table doesn't handle long preference names Minor
UP-4186 Portlet Manager 'Delete Preference' link not working in the Edit Preferences screen Minor
UP-4177 uid and not set by PersonDir in userInfo for user who never logged in before Minor
UP-4153 Failure to activate a fragment fails the whole portal render Minor
UP-4142 Importing local groups or membership does not clear cached entries Minor
UP-4042 Deep link to portlet on guest layout forces authentication unnecessarily Minor
UP-4566 Search fails when you have a lot of portlets Minor
UP-4304 layout warnings with uPortal 4.x mUniversality Minor
UP-3549 portlet-admin portlet defaults to show-chrome = false when editing existing portlet Minor
UP-4281 Disabled pager buttons look like enabled pager buttons Trivial
UP-4274 Build process steals focus under MacOS Trivial
UP-4267 uPortal footer references old Jasig and uPortal URLs Trivial
UP-4217 uPortal 4.1.1 artifacts in Maven central use bogus "dup-uportal-4.1.1" SCM tag Trivial
UP-4596 If providing username and password on URL, get NPE because DB has no password Trivial