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First milestone build towards uPortal 4.2.0.



Released: 30 December 2014


This version of uPortal is a not-for-production milestone release of uPortal master as it marches towards uPortal 4.2.0.  It provides an early preview and handy quick-start of code that may become a real uPortal 4.2.0 release.


Download the release

You can grab the binary releases, including a ready-to-start Quickstart release, from the GitHub release page.

Security bugs known to affect uPortal 4.2.0-M1

This macro will automatically display publicly visible security bugs tagged as affecting this release in the issue tracker.

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See also : Release announcement as posted on uportal-user@ email list and as posted on uportal-dev@ email list.

Human readable release notes

See the GitHub release page for human-readable release notes.



Deployer Notes

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5.  You probably actually want a recent Tomcat 7.
  • Requires Java 7 ("JDK 1.7") or newer.  Java 8 ("JDK 1.8") might also work, but wasn't the target version for this patch series.
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading from uPortal 4.0.x or earlier.

Issues addressed in uPortal 4.2.0-M1

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Bugs known to afflict uPortal 4.2.0-M1

(Note that this is only as good as the affects-version metadata on JIRA issues).

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