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First milestone build towards uPortal 4.2.0.



Released: 30 December 2014


This version of uPortal is a not-for-production milestone release of uPortal master as it marches towards uPortal 4.2.0.  It provides an early preview and handy quick-start of code that may become a real uPortal 4.2.0 release.


Download the release


You can grab the binary releases, including a ready-to-start Quickstart release, from the GitHub release page.

Security bugs known to affect uPortal 4.2.0-M1


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Key Summary P


See also : Release announcement as posted on uportal-user@ email list and as posted on uportal-dev@ email list.

Human readable release notes


See the GitHub release page for human-readable release notes.



Deployer Notes

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5.  You probably actually want a recent Tomcat 7.
  • Requires Java 7 ("JDK 1.7") or newer.  Java 8 ("JDK 1.8") might also work, but wasn't the target version for this patch series.
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading from uPortal 4.0.x or earlier.

Issues addressed in uPortal 4.2.0-M1

Key Summary P
UP-4221 Continuing ant build issues with downloaded artifacts having 301 Moved Permanently html content Blocker
UP-4205 CVE-2014-4172 uPortal includes Java CAS Client vulnerable to illicit proxy attack Blocker
UP-4192 CVE-2014-5059 Security Context chaining allows arbitrary username assertion Blocker
UP-3717 Client side session timeout/management Critical
UP-4360 Ajax position movement call that does before and after Major
UP-4358 Bump bundled JasigWidgetPortlets to 2.1.5 Major
UP-4337 Complete the Dynamic Respondr Skin portlet Major
UP-4298 Add link to modify skin from the root of admin portlet Major
UP-4296 Add a 6-column layout option to 'Customize' Major
UP-4294 Implement 'hover chrome' for tab/column portlets with showChrome=false Major
UP-4293 Add fname to layout feed Major
UP-4280 Enhance REST API with various features Major
UP-4269 Refactor SmartLdap to exist as part of the 'normal' Spring context (not spawn its own) and support a List of resolveDns or a single one, (as it does now) Major
UP-4255 Clear fluid_1_5 in universality and muniversality Major
UP-4246 Related portlets includes un-BROWSE-able portlets Major
UP-4253 FindBugs -- Correctness -- Null pointer dereference Major
UP-4252 FindBugs -- Correctness -- Comparing incompatible types for equality Major
UP-4251 FindBugs -- Correctness -- Bad use of return value from method Major
UP-4250 FindBugs -- Correctness -- Bad casts of object references Major
UP-4249 Use FindBugs 3.0.0 (latest version) to identify and correct potential issues in the codebase Major
UP-4245 Error when doing db-init with Calendar portlet Major
UP-4242 Update bundled jasig-widget-portlets to v. 2.1.3 Major
UP-4235 Portlet Marketplace -- Update 'details' screen to allow adding portlets to a tab from the options/go menu Major
UP-4232 Update bundled Notification portlet to 2.1.1 Major
UP-4231 Update bundled Announcements portlet to 2.1.2 Major
UP-4230 Update bundled CalendarPortlet to 2.2.1 Major
UP-4233 Ant task to generate the hibernate update script Major
UP-4228 Verify CVE-2014-5059 fixed in master towards uPortal 4.2. Major
UP-4229 Update wiki documentation to warn of issue and to document creating secure configurations Major
UP-4219 Window state on added portlets should be configurable Major
UP-4220 uPortal does not correctly clear fluid_1_5 var after loading fluid in Respondr Major
UP-4215 Add deploy-less and deploy-xsl ant tasks to make front end changes faster Major
UP-4210 ant targets always causing mvn install on uportal-parent pom.xml Major
UP-4208 Update bundled Announcements in master to 2.1.0; nice UX reboot Major
UP-4188 Add a 'Maintenance' lifecycle state for portlets, managed in a Portlet Manager Major
UP-4181 Add Basic Auth support for TinCan API Major
UP-4182 Event type filtering for TinCan API Major
UP-4180 Add OAuth support for TinCan API Major
UP-4178 Google Analytics integration (portlet) throws stack trace for each PAGS group when the guest user accesses the portal Major
UP-4143 EventSession purge fails to page, OutOfMemory can result Major
UP-4138 Statistics portlet fails with 404 on Respondr Major
UP-4131 Enhance SqlPortlet to allow caching, SpEL variable resolution in sql query Major
UP-4103 Add region footer-second Major
UP-4072 Marketplace caching Major
UP-4060 Portlet CONFIG mode opens in a lightbox for Regions-based portlets Major
UP-3732 Create mapping of uPortal event targets to TinCan objects Major
UP-3731 Verify "sensible" http components configuration exists Major
UP-3728 Bundled CalendarPortlet has logging config file with the wrong name Major
UP-3718 Implement event generation and sending for TinCan API Major
UP-3723 Add TinCanAPI Event Processor Major
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Bugs known to afflict uPortal 4.2.0-M1

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