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High-Level Overview of Changes in uPortal 5

This list presents the changes in uPortal 5 at a thematic level.  It’s short, easy to digest, and should give you a general sense of what you stand to gain by adopting uPortal 5.

  • Several significant improvements to ease of adoption and administration of the portal

    • Introducing uPortal-start:  a new, easy-to-navigate repository for managing your implementation

    • Much simpler, much faster setup process

    • New build tools (based on Gradle) that are more flexible, more reliable, and significantly faster!

    • More powerful database management tools

    • A new, easy-to-use skinning tool

    • Package once, run anywhere -- configure deployment-specific settings without rebuilding!

    • Much simpler patching (upgrading) process

  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA Accessibility!

  • More & better security features

  • Soffits -- a new standard for pluggable content

  • Much better support for container- and/or cloud-based deployments

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