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Which Workflow is for Me?

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Commit Message Formatting

Git and most Git tools have a convention for commit message formatting where the message is comprised of a one line summary that starts with the Jira issue ID (50 characters or less), a blank line and then an optional detailed description. Think of it like the subject and then body of an email. A more detailed description can be found here:

Tips, Tricks, and Useful Commands

  • Visualizing your local repository
    • gitk

  • Checkout a remote branch to a new local branch
    • git checkout -t origin/branchname
  • Show the current status of your local working copy
    • git status
  • Perform a diff of your local working copy, including files that have been staged for commit (git add)
    • git diff --cached
  • Add specific changes to commit
    • git add path/to/file
  • Commit all locally changed files
    • git commit -a
  • Remove local changes from the working directory but keep track of them for later use
    • git stash
  • Apply stashed changes
    • git stash pop
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