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This page contains information on how to integrate various external applications and systems with uPortal.

Please, list the application you've integrated with a bit about how it was done or a link to external information. If needed put a HOW-TO then just make another Wiki page. Also, if you wan an application integrated or have an idea of how to do it you can include that here to. It may help give a head start to someone else.


Targeted Notifications


  • LDAP - Support built in to uPortal.
  • RDBMS - You will have to write a custom groups service or use PAGS.



  • MS Exchange - ??
  • IMAP, POP - UBC Webmail Channel, IMAP dashboard just shows headers and links to SilkyMail (Duke Univ)
  • Recent mail channel, Yale University: uses CASified IMAP, links to CASified IMP.

Student Information Systems

Course Management Systems

  • WebCT - channel hosted on the uPortal Clearing House for integration
  • Classes - Yale University's custom course management system uses CAS authentication and offers interesting XML in response to a Proxy CAS ticket, which we render using an XSLT to produce the Classes Channel.


  • Jive forums - CASified and made to produce interesting summary XML by Yale University
  • phpBB - Added RSS feed from phpBB to populate a uPortal channel, modified phpBB for SSO and allows to jump directly to a message (Duke University)

Custom Applications

  • Network registration – custom NetReg application developed at Yale University and delivered as a uPortal channel.
  • IMAP2RSS – Bristol created an external application which converts an anonymous access IMAP mailing list archive to an RSS feed, therefore allowing people to post an RSS item via e-mail without the need to write any XML.
  • OpenAFS
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