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uPortal Developers

One of the most valuable resources for uPortal developers is the Available JavaDocs.

uPortal Committer Resources

Additional Information

Permission Manager Documentation

Permissions management is found in a separate wiki space

uPortal 2.x Security Provider Interface

documentation of the uPortal Security Provider Interface

uPortal Framework Documentation

Code Style and Conventions


Developer Conventions


Naming Conventions

Guildlines for naming java interfaces and classes in uPortal 3.x.

POJOs DAOs Registries and Services

How various data and business logic classes are organized in uPortal

JPA DAO Guidelines

How to write JPA DAOs in uPortal. (since 4.0)

JAXB Data Import & Export

How to write JAXB based portal data import and export support code. (since 4.0)

Portal EventsPortal Eventing architecture & usage
Request Scoped Method CachingCaching method results in request attributes

Cluster Locking Service

Consistent Portal URLsPortal URL Structure and syntax

uPortal QA and Testing Resources



Who we are

The tools of our trade

Features wishlist

Web Places

Chat room

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