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This document is a community authored and updated guide for Installing, Deploying, and Customizing the uPortal Portal Framework. Questions or comments about the documentation should be posted on the uportal-user@ email list, or commented on individual wiki pages. Questions or comments about uPortal and not particularly about documentation should be posted on the uportal-user@ email list. (Commenting on manual pages is not a good way to get support for local uPortal issues.)

Work in progress

This manual is at this point a rough work in progress. Currently the outline and basic content are being worked out. Your input and participation is welcome.

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  1. A note on moderation of wiki page comments:

    I removed a comment on this wiki page just now because that comment did not go to specific suggestion for improvement of the commented upon content nor did it go to specific information that would likely be of use to people exploring uPortal looking to better understand the topic of the page. That comment is being followed up on off-list by the uPortal steering committee. In general comments not specifically related to the pages commented upon are better directed elsewhere, and any particular concern about uPortal can be addressed to the developer email list or privately to the steering committee as appropriate.

    Feedback is entirely welcome and encouraged and can be directed to the uPortal steering committee.

    Thanks, Andrew

  2. Thank you for your response. I do hate to see that you removed my comment. I feel that is a very bad practice. How else would people be able to follow our discussion.  In response to your questions for more specific information, here is my reply. I don't need/want COMMERCIAL support for an Open source product. 

    1.       It might help for me to know a little more about you, your background, and your interest in uPortal for my ability to most effectively follow up with you. 

    -         I'm a .NET/JAVA programmer who is interested in learning the Portal Platform. 

    2.       I wasn't able to find you in the Wichita Area Technical College staff directory.  Are you interested in uPortal in terms of adoption at WATC or is your interest otherwise?

    -         I'm new to the WATC campus, and will be managing all their online sites. Along with a new software called Luminis from SunGard which uses an uPortal Framework.

    3.       What instructions are you following to the letter?

     -         The instructions I'm using are the ones on the page that I posted my comment on, BEFORE you deleted it.

    4.       What several variables have you tried?

     -         I tried using Tomcat 6.0.16. I tried using JAVA Application Server 9.x. etc.

    5.       In what form comes the zero success?

    -         The site would not load. Launching ant deploy-war the site would show up in the Tomcat 5.x manager, but would not deploy. It would say it was "unable to load application context xml". 

    Hope this helps and answers some of your questions,

    1. Robert,

      This note is specifically on the topic of wiki page comments and where discussions can happen transparently. I'll plan on getting to the rest of the note later today. This may give you a window of time to re-articulate your questions onto the uPortal community email list referenced below. If you do, I'll plan on answering there, otherwise you can expect a reply directly to your note later today.

      I thought two or three times before removing the comment, but on balance I did so not because of its content but because it was so out of place as a comment on the uPortal Manual wiki pages themselves. The uPortal project doesn't use comments on those wiki pages that way.

      The way people will be able to follow our discussion will be to have this discussion in the forum that uPortal developers and deployers tend to expect these sorts of discussions to happen: on the uportal-user@ email list where the topic is adopting uPortal, and on uportal-dev@ where the topic is developing the uPortal platform itself.

      Here's the page with more information about this email list and accessing its archives:

      I CC: in the uPortal steering committee again on this response in the interest of their steering me on the appropriateness of deleting the wiki page comment. You may note that I did replace it with a comment articulating the scope and purpose of comments expected on those pages directly. I'm open to learning that the process for moderating wiki page comments should be different than that I've understood it to be.

      Whether removing the comment was appropriate or not, I think you'll nonetheless find discussion more effective on the email list linked above.

      Best wishes,