This documentation relates to uPortal 4.0
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Deploy and Publish a Portlet

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Documentation provided by Lakshmi Maktala, Project Coordinator, from Oakland University

Step 1: Deploy a portlet

  • deploy a portlet by running the following command from your uPortal source directory (add your portlet war path file)
ant deployPortletApp -DportletApp=/path/to/yourProject.war

Step 2: Publish the portlet

  •  Define the portlet under Portlet Administration. Select "Register New Portlet",  click on the "Portlet" option and click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.

  • Select your new portlet from the drop-down menu and click "Next" (example demonstrates SImpleContentPortlet, but select your portlet under the drop-down)

  • Fill out the Summary information for your new portlet and click Next (See example below).

  • Fill out the Portlet Preferences and click Next. (See images below)


  • If you are using the default mobile view and you want to hide your portlet from the mobile theme you can set the preference "Hide in mobile theme" to "true". (see image below).
  • Note: You may need to "Empty Cache" to see the results. Go to the "Portal Administration Tools" and click on the "Manage Cache instances", then click "Empty All Caches" and test the mobile view to verify that it is being hidden by following the "Changing the User Agent" documentation located at How to View the Mobile Theme.


  • Select Categories which your portlet will belong to and click Next. (See image below)

If you publish the portlet without a category, the portal will not offer it to users to add to their layouts in the CUSTOMIZE drawer.


  • Select the People and Groups who can add your new portlet to their layout and click Next. (See images below)


  • Fill out the Lifecycle of your new portlet and click Next

  • Fill out any necessary Configurations on your new portlet, confirm that everything is set accordingly and click Save  (See images below)


Step 3: Add the new portlet

  • Add the new portlet to the a layout by clicking on "Customize"


  • Browse using the arrows to the right or Search using the input field under "Stuff" to locate your new portlet. Now, select the portlet by hovering over it and click on the "Add" click to add it to your layout. (See image below using cms (SimpleContentPortlet), as the demonstrated portlet)

  • Now, your portlet has been added (See image below)



Having problems with these instructions?

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