uPortal 4.0 Manual

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The following examples use a mysql database. You will need to make the necessary modifications using your database server specifications in order for the following steps to work.

Step 1: Create Placeholder Database

 No data will actually be migrated there, but it is required to validate uPortal connectivity settings.

Step 2: Update Database Dependencies

File Location: uPortal-4.0.2-quick-start/pom.xml






Step 3: Provide Placeholder Database Connection Details

Properties File Location: uPortal-4.0.2-quick-start/uPortal-4.0.2/uportal-war/src/main/resources/properties/rdbm.properties

Step 4: Run Ant Targets

Build File Location: uPortal-4.0.2-quick-start/uPortal-4.0.2/build.xml

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