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Http Session Management

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Maximum Inactive Interval By Group

The capability to set different maximum inactive interval by user group is available in uPortal. You can enable it by creating a MAX_ACTIVE permission for the group with the permission literal value being the number of seconds the HTTP Session should be set for the group. Below is an example of an import file configured for Staff to have a 1 hour inactive interval limit.

Staff MAX_INACTIVE set for 1 hour
<permission-set script="classpath://org/jasig/portal/io/import-permission_set_v3-1.crn">
  <target permission-type="GRANT">

The older implementations looked for this permission without an owner value. The initial import of a particular permission for a group works. However, subsequent imports of different values are not found by the system. Direct database changes are required to change the value.

As of uPortal 4.3, the owner is UP_SYSTEM. See UP-4599.

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