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The following project documentation pertains to Jasig's web redesign of, completed in early 2009.

To request changes or other support for the Jasig web site, please refer to the following page:

Support for


The JA-SIG board approved funding for a web re-design project to make major improvements to the JA-SIG web presence. This space will be used as a collaborative space for the discussion of the re-design, to capture requirements, identify technologies, and track the progress of the project. This page is intended as a splash page with links
to other pages which will describe areas of work.

John Fereira has agreed to be lead on the project, and he will initiate a requirements gathering phase, leading up to an RFP, very soon.

Feel free to pose any questions you might have at this point.

Subsequent monthly teleconferences will be held on the fourth Thursday of each month, but we are changing the start time to 2:30pm EST [These calls have been suspended until further notice. -Jonathan, 7/22/2008]

  • JASIG Web Redesign RFP Document is now attached to this page as a DRAFT MS Word document.  After July 18th, the RFP will be considered to be in final form.
  • JASIG Web Redesign RFP Final.pdf is not attached to this page as the FINAL RFP document.  Vendors refer to this one.
  • RFP Distribution
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