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Git Strategy

As of December 2011, the uMobile project is hosted on Github at The project has a limited number of committers, but others are welcome to submit pull requests to the project. When committing or submitting a pull request, it's important that the new features be implemented on the proper git branch. The uMobile project doesn't haven't a formal branching standard, but generally adheres to branching principles established on this page: The established Git Workflow for uPortal should be understood prior to committing to uMobile:

For a guide to branching and merging in Git, see

Versions and Releases

The version numbering and naming logic is in line with the approach to versioning described on this page under the "Semantic Versioning Specification":

Essentially, versions should be numbered as Major.Minor.Patch, and should always increment by a value of 1. When a major version increments, the Minor and Patch numbers must reset to 0. 

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