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I am currently the Director of Open Source Solutions at the CampusEAI Consortium where I lead consortium efforts to assist member institutions roll out services based on open source. My group provides a wide range of services including advice, project management, implementation assistance, development, hosting, and support. As part of this role I get the opportunity to speak with individuals from countless campuses and different situations.

I became involved in JA-SIG while part of the myRutgers team, and currently serve on the JA-SIG Board of Directors. In the past I've also served as committer, development coordinator, conference committee chair, newsletter editor, and general busy-body You can generally find me hanging out on ##uportal. One of the reason's I'm still gladly involved is that the experiences I gained through participation in JA-SIG and especially uPortal largely shaped me into the professional I am today.

I am also actively involved in the Sakai Project, collaborating with developers from many institutions and affiliates to develop an open source Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE). One of my keen areas of interest is Portal-LMS integration, and emerging practices in bridging between, and sharing within the 2 environments.

Other interests include: Social Networking, Read/Write Web & User Generated Conduct, Agile Methodologies, Software Engineering, User Experience & Interaction Design, and Dynamic languages.

Previous to my current position at CampusEAI, I worked at Rutgers University as an Application Developer where I was responsible for development and technical implementation related to our Sakai implementation as well as evaluating new tools like: blogs, wikis, social networks, video, collaboration, etc. for their applicability in instruction. Previous to my work with instructional technology I spent a number of years in Enterprise Systems, where I was involved in the rollout and development of the myRutgers portal, and initiatives in Identity Management.


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