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This tool allows for a central location of advising/coaching notes to assist with advising/coaching activities. SSP can display notes, comments, etc.
from other systems that are loaded into SSP. The notes, comments, etc. are loaded into the external database for display purposes only. 
New notes and comments are created using the Journal tool.


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ParameterExternal TableLocationField NameDescriptionExample
date_note_takenexternal_person_noteNotesDateThe date the note was created09/13/2012
note_typeexternal_person_noteNotesTypeThe type of note commonly used to define the source systemLegacy
authorexternal_person_noteNotesAuthorThe creator of the note in the external systemPrevious Advisor
departmentexternal_person_noteNotesDepartmentThe department of the author who created the noteAdvising
noteexternal_person_noteNotesNoteThe note, comment or remarkElizabeth wishes to change...