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Weather Providers

The weather portlet ships with two different weather data providers, Yahoo Weather and World Weather Online. Both services require an API key which can be retrieved by a self-service registration process.

Yahoo Weather

  • Update 3/15/2016:  Portlet must change to support Oath 1.  See
  • ToC limits usage to non-commercial use
  • Key only required for location lookups
  • 2000 invocations per day (Weather portlet caching reduces invocations per day)
  • Much nicer icons
  • Provides forecasts only two days into the future
  • API key requests at (log in and select My Projects from your avitar image on top right)

World Weather Online

  • Update 3/29/2016:  They no longer offer a free API key to new users.
  • Free to both non-commercial and commercial users
  • Requires a key for both weather and location lookups
  • Requires 15 minute caching of each feed (already the weather portlet's default caching strategy)
  • Limit of 500 requests / hour
  • Provides forecasts several days into the future (configurable)
  • API key requests at


The weather portlet has been included in uPortal since 3.2 via an overlay .Add as src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/context/overlay/overlayContext.xml file in the overlay project:


.  This old file exists but the configuration has been moved to src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/context/applicationContext.xml.

Un-comment the provider you want to use in the overlayContextapplicationContext.xml file and specify the API key for the service.

Code Block
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
    !-- Weather DAO Implementation  -->

    <bean id="weatherDaoImpl" class="">
        <property name="key" value="YOURKEY"/>
        <property name="imageMapping"><value></value></property>

    <!--  Yahoo! Weather DAO Implementation  -->

 <bean id="weatherDaoImpl" class="">
        <property name="key" value="YOURKEY"/> <!-- ENTER YOUR KEY HERE -->
  <property name="weatherParsingService" ref="weatherParsingService"/>
        <property name="locationParsingService" ref="locationParsingService"/>
    <lang:groovy id="weatherParsingService"

    <lang:groovy id="locationParsingService"
<property name="messageSource" ref="messageSource"/>

Custom WeatherPortlet Build

The overlayContextapplicationContext.xml file is included in the WeatherPortlet release in the location referenced above. Just edit this file as instructed above.