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This page exists to capture an overview of the uPortal framework architecture, child pages should be added for detailed descriptions of various parts of the framework.

High Level Architecture

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nameuPortal Architecture Overview

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Diagram Terminology

  • Tiers & Coloring
    • The blue tiers (1-3) are APIs where the HttpServletRequest is a primary argument.
    • The green tier (4) are APIs where there is NO reference to high level objects like HttpServletRequest
  • DAOs
    • CRUD style data access objects, generally implemented in JPA2.
    • DAOs contain no business logic or dependencies on higher level structures like the request or response objects
    • Their only role is to provide coherent lifecycle management of persistent data objects for uPortal.
  • Registries
    • The business logic for the DAOs, in general each DAO or group of related DAOs has a registry layer above it.
    • Contain commonly used helper methods to reduce duplicate code in other parts of the framework that perform similar operations. For example the PortletEntityRegistry might have a method that looks like: getOrCreatePortletEntityForLayoutNode(IPerson user, String layoutNode) The implementation would talk to the layout manager, portlet definition registry and portlet entity DAO to come up with the right answer.
  • Services
    • Internal services such as Groups, Permissions, Person Directory. These have some interaction with registries for portal specific or locally managed data but also integrate with external systems.
  • Rendering Pipeline
    • Pulls together user layouts, xslt transformations and portlet data into a coherent package.
    • Interacts with Registries and Services for data, and Portlet Execution Management for portlet content.
  • Portlet Execution Management
    • Manages direct and async portlet execution
    • Interacts with Registries and Pluto SPI to effect execution
  • Pluto SPI Implementation
    • Implments the Pluto Service API providing hooks from the Portlet APIs back into uPortal services
  • WebMVC Controllers
    • The front end that user's interact with, contains controller logic that talks to Services, Registries and other 2nd tier components to source data
  • Data Import & Export
    • Utilities for data migration services.
    • These utilities interact directly with the DAO layer, bypassing all of the services, registries, etc.
titleArchitecture Details

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