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  • Git Workflow for Vendor Branching

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Git can make upgrading to new releases much easier. Since all of the change history for your customizations and uPortal's development are available you only ever end up having to resolve real merge issues with very little noise. In this example we are upgrading to the uportal- tag.

  1. Merge the new tag 

    Code Block
    # Follow the steps in Keeping Your Fork Up To Date
    # Checkout your vendor branch
    $ git checkout myschool-master
    # Merge in the changes that have been made up to uportal-  
    # NOTE:  You don't specify upstream/uportal- That notation is for a branch not a tag. If you do something like upstream/uportal-4.3.0, you'll get an error message like
    # merge: upstream/uportal-4.3.0 - not something we can merge
    $ git merge uportal-
  2. Handle Merge Conflicts 

    Code Block
    # Handle any merge errors that come up
    $ git mergetool -y
  3. Test the changes with a local build and deploy