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  • Log into the Bedework jmx console, e.g. http://localhost:8080/jmx-console 
    • Click "org.bedework.bwengine" in the left menu, then "service=System" in the right menu 
    • Remove the value in the EventRegAdminToken field
    • Click "Apply Changes"
    • Invoke "saveConfig" to save your changes. 

Enabling Public Events Registration (possibly after upgrade


from a previous release)

If you have moved to Bedework 3.10 using data First ensure that the CalWs interface is available. This is the SOAP service that the event registration service uses o communicate with bedework. In system.xml make sure the <calSoapWsURI> element is present and has the same value as the soap:address element in pubcalws-soap/wssvc.wsdl (this requires better explanation - it's a file deployed in the bw-xml ear)

If you have upgraded from an older release, you may not have the data required for event registration in your system yet.  Follow these steps to turn on the event registration system:  (Please note: the process outlined below is only set up for the default quickstart and postgresql configs at the moment.)