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  • HTML_CodeSniffer is a client-side script that checks HTML source code and detects violations of a defined coding standard. HTML_CodeSniffer is written entirely in JavaScript, does not require any server-side processing and can be extended by developers to enforce custom coding standards by creating your own "sniffs". This was the tool used for the Oct 2016 uPortal accessibility audit. (Github source)
  • Pally Pa11y - your automated accessibility testing pal. It runs HTML CodeSniffer for programmatic accessibility reporting.
    • Dashboard: Web interface for automated accessibility reporting and graphing. (Github source)
    • web service: A simple JSON web service for automated accessibility reporting. (Github source)
    • command line: Run one-off accessibility reports from the comfort of your command line. (Github source)
  • Tanaguru is a free/open source software (AGPL licensed) for web sites assessments. (Github sourceDiscussion Forum, Jenkins plugin)
    • Audits include a page audit, entire website audit (Heritrix crawler embedded), offline file audit and scenario audit which is a user path over a given website.
  • aXe tools is an extension for Chrome and Firefox, that enhances the developer tools panel with an accessibility view.

Screen Readers

ChromeVoxChrome Browser
NVDAWindows SourceFree
VoiceOverMacOS, IOS

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