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  1. Create a database for the sync engine
  2. Update the standalone.xml to provide a datasource (and drivers)
  3. Update the configuration.
  4. Start it.
  5. Create the table(s)

Update the configuration

There may be a number of changes to make - both in the calendar server which will interact with the sync engine and for the sync engine itself.


This process needs to be changed to use the invoked after the build.

Create the tables

The previously created database will have no tables. To make it usable you need to install the schema. Either use the hawtio jmx console or the cli.

Using hawtio to install schema
  1. Navigate to the sync configuration.
  2. Switch to operations
  3. Invoke the "schema" operation
Using the cli to install the schema
  1. Build the cli if not already built - cd quickstart;./bw -bwcli
  2. cd into the built tool - cd quickstart/bwcli/dist/temp/shellscr/bwcli
  3. invoke it - ./
  4. enter the admin id and password
  5. Enter "sync schema"

In either case tables should appear in the database.

Sync Engine operations

The sync engine needs to operate in a firewalled environment. It uses connectors handle subscriptions and has the connector types: