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Creating an OrgSync subscription

You probably want the incoming events to all be flagged with a specific category or categories. This can be useful for filtering.It makes it easier to include the calendar collections imported by the sync engine. Before carryign ut the folowing steps ensure these categories are created.

As a super user

  1. Switch to the System tab and select "Manage calendars and folders".
  2. Open up "public" and click the "+" on the cals folder.
  3. Set the name - e.g "OrgSync"
  4. Check off any categories you want applied on input.
  5. Mark as a subscription
  6. Set the OrgSync URL in the URl field
  7. Put your site OrgSync key in the password field
  8. Select the OrgSync checkbox and probably the "Process Locations and Contacts" and "Process Categories" checkboxes
  9. Select the public only checkbox if that is desired
  10. Set the location key field name for mapping locations
  11. Save