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  • Cutting a uPortal Release

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  1. Use Gradle to tag, push, and upload the release to Sonatype (documentation)
  2. Close & release the Nexus Staging Repository within Sonatype
  3. Release the version in the Manage Versions JIRA UI
  4. Create the release notes
    1. Create & update the appropriate release page as a child of the Release Notes page
    2. Use Git to inspect the incremental commits since the last release (e.g. $ git log v5.0.5 ^v5.0.4 --no-merges)
    3. Review the issue tracker and confirm that referenced issues have been Resolved
    4. Enter the release notes on the GitHub releases page
  5. Open a Pull Request on uPortal-start to update uPortalVersion to the new release
  6. Publish a new apereo/uPortal-demo Docker image and update the :latest tag as well