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The open source edu.yale.som.auth .NET solution:

  • Combines different authentication and authorization providers, e.g. Yale University Central Authentication Service (CAS), Forms Based Authentication (FBA) and Active Directory (AD) into a single login page for SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) and ASP.NET web sites.
  • Integrates MOSS or standard ASP.NET web applications with a CAS authentication method implementation to allow users to authenticate via CAS and authorize against FBA Roles.
  • Exposes a consistent login experience for users across all your MOSS and ASP.NET web applications
  • Can display multiple authentication methods or can be configured to always default to a single method, e.g. CAS.
  • Utilizes a plug in interface design that allows you to implement additional authentication and authorization classes to extend the login functionality.
  • Provides user processing for FBA Membership, Profile and Roles dynamically during login and/or through batch process via custom FBA administration web parts.
  • Allows you to map your existing AD group memberships to FBA Roles for authorization against those Roles in MOSS or standard ASP.NET web applications
  • Simplifies MOSS site design, deployment and management by allowing you to expose multiple authentication and authorization methods in a single MOSS web site Zone.



Brendan Kennedy Turnbull
Technical Lead / Systems Programmer II
Information Technology Research & Development
Yale University, School of Management

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