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Are you a UI designer looking for a way to try out some new skills or keep up-to-date with technologies that your organization may not use? Or just looking to showcase your design skills in a project you can put on your resume? We're looking for you. As the CAS project expands, UI becomes an important aspect of the management tools, as well as being an example deployment. The UI designer (or designers) will be responsible for the main login UI and flow, and the Services Management Registration Wizard and Management screens. He or she will work closely with the requirements coordinator to make sure use cases are captured accurately in the UI.


  • Develop world-class UIs for the Services Management wizard, management interfaces, and login flow.
  • Develop additional UIs as needed
  • Keep UIs relevant and fresh while conforming to modern standards (defacto and real)

Required Skills

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Dojo
  • Tiles, Spring Webflow (not required, but useful)
  • Accessibility, Internationalization
  • JSP, EL

Time Commitment

  • This is a development position, so time would be as much as can be allocated.
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