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  • Updated CAS Roadmap - On the Path to "4.0"
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Please see CAS Roadmap for current information.

CAS 3.4 Maintenance

  • CAS 3.4.10 has already been released (maybe later releases since this writing?)
  • Continued backwards-compatible highly conservative bugfix and security fix releases in this maintenance series

TODO clean up / update remainder of this vision


CAS 3.5 Release

  • Upgrades to core storage mechanisms. Most importantly, the API
  • Introduction of core Factories for creating tickets
  • Update to Ticket terminology to support future protocols
  • Updates to internal code base to support new APIs
  • Replacement of Jasig License with Apache 2 License

CAS 3.6 Release

  • Rewrite of Services Management Tool
  • Extraction of Services Management Tool into its own Web Application
  • Consideration for Future Protocols
  • Addition of Registration Tool
  • New Integration Module between CAS Server -> Management Tool

CAS 3.7 Release

  • Rewrite of two Core Interfaces: CentralAuthenticationService, AuthenticationManager to support additional use cases. These additional use cases include message passing to users, better throttling, CAPTCHA, integration with password management tools, etc.
  • Updated UI to take advantage of latest use case additions including message returning
  • Updated UI to reflect recent UI trends (immediate feedback on validation, etc.)
  • Enable Advanced Use Cases including Session Id switching per request, etc.

CAS 3.8 Release

  • Monitoring: JMX, Statistics publishing, support for Nagios, etc.

CAS 3.9 Release

  • Support for OpenID2. This would be the first test of the new APIs to ensure we can support additional protocols

CAS 4.0 Release

  • Basic SAML 2 support. "Basic" is defined as the minimal subset of required profiles to actually do something useful

CAS 4.x Releases

  • Support for additional SAML 2 profiles, additional useful protocols, etc.
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