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  • Casifying TeamDynamix (TDNext)
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We have recently implemented TeamDynamix at our campus.  Here are my crude notes on how to accomplish authentication via CAS to TeamDynamix.

From their site:

The Only PPM Solution Designed For Higher Education.

TeamDynamixHE provides the only project and portfolio management solutions specifically tailored to accommodate the needs of Higher Education. With a simple yet powerful interface, TeamDynamixHE solutions enable colleges and universities to prioritize efforts, adapt to change, manage resources and meet commitments on time and on budget.


  • TeamDynamix has numerous web applications, at this time version 7.1 only has SSO support for the component TDNext.
  • Since TeamDynamix uses Windows form authentication, the officail cas .Net client will not work.  So we used the method explained here: ASP.NET Forms Authentication
  • We are using .Net 4
  • Cas Server 3.4.2
  • TeamDynamix caches the authentication framework, so you will need to restart IIS for DLL changes to be loaded.

Step 1 configure TdNext's web.config to use Custom SSOAuth.

TeamDynamix has a hook for customSSO, that we must configure.

  • Configure SSOReturnUrl
  • Configure SSOLogoutUrl
  • Switch the loginurl of authentication to *LoginSSO.aspx *from Login.aspx

Note, as usual with CAS, make sure to URLEncode the service URL.


Step 2 create the .net dll (SSOAuth that overrides the TeamDynamix interface)

  • Include the TeamDynamix SDK dll as a reference.

SSO Auth

Step 3 compile for release

  • Move the release dll to the bin directory of TDnext/bin
  • Restart IIS, since TeamDynamix caches various dlls.
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