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SSP v2.0.1 General Release Announcement

Jasig released 2.0.1 on October 24, 2013. This release is a patchset for 2.0.0 and any implementer installing SSP for the first time.

v2.0.1 Upgrade Information

Correct the DATA_ENGLISH_SECOND_LANGAGE permission

  • update up_permission set activity = 'DATA_ENGLISH_SECOND_LANGUAGE' where activity = 'DATA_ENGLISH_SECOND_LANGAGE'
  • update up_permission_activity set activity_fname = 'DATA_ENGLISH_SECOND_LANGUAGE', activity_name = 'DATA_ENGLISH_SECOND_LANGUAGE' where activity_fname = 'DATA_ENGLISH_SECOND_LANGAGE'

If you are running SSP version 2.0.0 or 2.0.0-b3, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 2.0.1 or 2.1.0 or 2.2.0 or later versions or otherwise apply the Confidentiality Level-related patches for the Student Documents tool as described by SSP-1917.

v2.0.1 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-1733] - Make Usernames case insensitive
  • [SSP-1734] - Specify schema name in student_type.code columnExists precondition in 000064.xml
  • [SSP-1743] - v_external_student_transcript_course does not generate an ID
  • [SSP-1765] - SQL exception saving or loading a MAP with no planned courses
  • [SSP-1771] - Document changes to Early Alert API
  • [SSP-1779] - Non-participating dialog doesn't close on save
  • [SSP-1790] - Unpredictable MAP term grid contents when more than 20 records in external_term
  • [SSP-1803] - Cannot view course detail popup after navigating away from and back to MAP
  • [SSP-1816] - Editing document CL fails
  • [SSP-1817] - External Person Sync Doesn't Sync Photo URL
  • [SSP-1819] - Main Tool Details never shows MAP status in Recent Term Activity
  • [SSP-1822] - MAP Template printing fails because it invokes a Plan API
  • [SSP-1823] - Unable to load MAP template for edit after navigating to and from another tool
  • [SSP-1827] - Load Template dialog does not reflect recent changes
  • [SSP-1828] - Active Template checkbox always unchecked
  • [SSP-1829] - Status code mapping JSON invalid after adding new entry via UI
  • [SSP-1832] - Non-participating reason dialog doesn't close after save
  • [SSP-1833] - Challenge Referral Links not copied into MyGPS-created action plan tasks
  • [SSP-1836] - Map Template prints out Student School Id label
  • [SSP-1837] - Unscrollable printable MyGPS MAP window
  • [SSP-1839] - Cannot create private MAP Template if not granted MAP_PUBLIC_TEMPLATE_WRITE
  • [SSP-1848] - Race condition in first time login for user with incorrect school_id
  • [SSP-1851] - Mispelling in MAP Move Plan Dialog
  • [SSP-1858] - Special Service Groups not displayed in Main Dashboard if user has no associated Service Reasons


  • [SSP-1748] - column width too small to be useful
  • [SSP-1766] - Add discriminator to external_student_test natural key
  • [SSP-1810] - Select coach and student type optons following external person lookup
  • [SSP-1812] - external_student_test discriminator-based natural key creation fails if no natural key had been created previously
  • [SSP-1813] - external_student_test.sub_test_code and test_date potentially nullable when natural key created


  • [SSP-1850] - Document git installation requirements for building platform
  • [SSP-1852] - Document student document API



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