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Current GA stable branch

uPortal 4.0 is the previous stable, production-targeted, general audience release branch. If you're a new adopter or a current adopter upgrading, plausibly the version you want is the latest available General Audience uPortal 4.0.something release, which is uPortal 4.0.15 as of this writing.



uPortal 4.0 supports version 2.0 of the Portlet specification (JSR-286), removes IChannel support, includes a new customization UI and updated UIs for groups, permissions and user management. New 'under the hood' features such as a refactored rendering pipeline also improve speed and memory usage of the portal.


  • JDK 1.6.0_26 or newer
  • Servlet API 2.5 or newer

Release Notes

Below is a summary of all the high-level improvements and new features in uPortal 4.0

Portlet 2.0 Support

  • Inter-Portlet Communication via Events
  • Resource request support for AJAX and binary content delivery
  • ETag based caching support including browser-side ETag pass-through for resource URLs
  • IChannel support has been removed

Administrative Tools

  • New user interface for groups and permissions administration
  • Delegate administration of groups and permissions
  • Unified user management tool that integrates attribute management for local users, swapper utilities, and limited password-reset support.

UI Improvements

  • New unified layout management interface
  • Users may subscribe to optional pre-packaged tabs
  • Default skin updated with a clean, modern look and feel
  • Provides a better starting point for custom skin development


  • New unified message file for all view types
  • Minor i18n support improvements all over the framework

Mobile Support

  • Updated mobile theme with jQuery Mobile support
  • uMobile native app framework connection features included out of the box


  • New Grouper group service implementation allows use of Grouper groups within uPortal
  • CAS Clearpass features and sample implementation included in build
  • Portlet Event based searching allowing any portlet to contribute search results to the uPortal Search dialog

New portlets bundled with uPortal

  • News/RSS
  • Google Gadgets

Data Import/Export

  • Portal data file formats defined by XML Schemas
  • Simplified import/export code using JAXB

Rendering Pipeline

  • Using StAX and XSLTc for improved performance
  • Broken out into bite-size components which can be mixed, matched, and quickly customized
  • Allows for multiple pipelines with different uses. Two are included, the primary pipeline and a JSON pipeline used by uMobile

Portlet Execution Management

  • Stack trace of a portlet is logged when it times out
  • The current portlet fname and request type is included in the thread name during portlet execution
  • Background cleanup of hung portlets to prevent resource leaks

Hangups – Changes in 4.0 that might trip you up

  • Requires Servlet API 2.5 to run. Tomcat 6.0 is the first version of Tomcat to support Servlet 2.5
  • Requires JDK 6.0
  • Data export and import is required when upgrading.
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