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  • SSP v2.9.0 Release Notes (unreleased)
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SSP v2.9.0 General Release Announcement

Release Date: TBD

Release Highlights

  • Added Journal Source filter to Journal reports
  • Added new statuses for MAP Templates
  • Multiple tags can be added to MAP Templates
  • New Short Matrix options for printing MAP Plans
  • Several MAP sorting, searching and paging fixes


v2.8.0 contains a variety of changes that enhance tools within SSP. The specific issues are noted below, but there are additional resources with information about the changes. A major change is the upgrade to support Java 8 and Tomcat 8. Those updates must be completed if upgrading to 2.9 from any version prior to 2.8. Highlights include new tools and features in 2.9 include:

Fresh Installation Instructions

See SSP v2.9.0 Installation Instructions

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Source Code Forks

See SSP Source Code Upgrade Process

Additional Upgrade Steps

1 - New configuration for 

SSP-3242 adds a feature to configure the default query timeout value.  Since SSP uses hibernate the default timeout is per session and should be set a bit longer than the longest task, normally the person sync.  The value is represented in seconds and defines how long the JDBC driver will allow a database query to last. Currently, if a database query doesn't finish or deadlocks with other resources the connection stays in use and cannot be released until closed by the db or the db server is restarted.  Since SSP uses hibernate keep in mind that this timeout is per session and *should* be set a bit longer than the average of the longest running task (usually the nightly person sync or person directory refresh but in some case can be map plan status calculation).  The entry is defined below with a default value


SSP v2.9.0 JIRA Issues


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New Features

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