We have tried to CASify OWA using We made the necessary changes to the web.config, however the ASP.Net application does not even load properly. We received the same error when deployed on our servers and on a development pc. The message received was:

Could not load type 'DotNetCasClient.CASAuthenticationModule' from assembly 'DotNetCasClient'

The DLL was placed in the appropriate directory but for some reason it appears as though .Net is unable to resolve it.

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

- Brian

Our site is using uPortal 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 and the system works fine.

Then I enabled SQL Server 2005 'database mirroring' and the following phenomenon appears:

 (1) The FIRST login to uPortal is successful after enabling 'database mirroring'.

(2) Subsequent attempt to login result in blank web page with web browser is trying to connect.  It seems that the system 'hangs'.

(3) Restart the uPortal and the (1), (2) appear again.

If I remove 'database mirroring' and restart the uPortal,  everything becomes normal.

To confirm whether 'database mirroring' works normally, I wrote a servlet program to insert records at the principal server and new records found at

the mirror server.  Therefore, it seems that the uPortal 2.0 not work with SQL Server 2005 'database mirroring'. 

Please advise whether there are solutions.  Thank you.

Newton Lui,


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