JA-SIG is pleased to announce selection of pre- and post-conference seminars about open source software for the Spring 2008 JA-SIG conference to be held in St. Paul, Minnesota. Pre-conference events to be held on Sunday April 27th include tutorials on uPortal and DSpace upgrading; seminars on JavaScript and identity management; and hands-on introductions to Kuali Financials, Spring Portlet MVC, Fedora repository, and CAS.

Post-conference events on Wednesday April 30th include introductions to uPortal, Kuali Rice, and Sakai, as well as a half-day Bar Camp.

Oh, and there will be a whole conference in between these seminars: more on that to come.

In the meantime, sign up now to reserve your place in your seminars of choice.

Seminars Particularly Related to uPortal

  • Spring Portlet MVC - Introduction
  • Spring Portlet MVC - Advanced
  • Writing Fearless JavaScript for Portlets, Widgets, and Portals
  • uPortal Migration: Juggling Environments and Software Upgrades
  • Installing, Configuring, and Customizing uPortal
Wiki Issues

Blog page ordering on the uPortal home page seems to be out of order. May be related to broken indexes from the upgrade.

Updated OC4J instructions

I've updated the OC4J deployment instructions to create an EAR file, which allows a data-sources.xml file to be included so that the data sources are created automatically.

uPortal and Linux?

NYU would like to deploy its uPortal front-end on Linux. Was just hoping that some listed here might want to share such experiences either on this page, a new page, or directly with me at

As part of Community Source Week 2005, the JA-SIG uPortal Conference will be Sunday, June 12 through Tuesday, June 14, in Baltimore. Submit your presentation proposal before the April 15th deadline!

uPortal 2.4.2 Released

uPortal 2.4.2 has been released and is now available for download.

This build includes a number of bug fixes and represents our latest
stable 2.x release. All users are encourage to consider upgrading to
this release.

Please review the Release Notes for more detail.

The first edition of the ImageViewer Portlet was added to the Gems project this week. This portlet allows the user to store images in a folder named "images" on the server. At runtime, the end-user can specify an image name, and the image is retrieved using an <img> tag within the JSP page of the view.

The portlet also provides an "Edit" mode that allows the end-user to select a different color for the background. Although, this portlet provides a very simple implementation , it provides many of the JSR-168 features and shows how they can be used in a realistic and functional portlet.

The portlet can currently be built using Ant to provide a JSR-168 compliant portlet.

Furthermore, the folder and file structure follow the recommended project structure. Thus, this portlet provides a good template for building other portlets in the future.

Later next week, a maven.xml file will be provided to allow user of this portlet to build the portlet using Maven. Once a good amount of portlets are added to the project, binary editions may become available.

Currently, the portlet downloads with a pluto-web.xml file, which is changable via the Later, more web.xml files will become available for using this portlet on other platforms.

This post was taken from a post to the Pluto Developer mailing list by Ken Ramirez

Thanks to Eric Dalquist, uPortal's original issue tracking system, Bugzilla, has been officially replaced by JIRA. All of the issues from Bugzilla have been imported into JIRA so that we retain the history. Fortunately, the Bugzilla bug numbers have been preserved so that old release notes that contain Bugzilla numbers will still be meaningful. Note that uPortal 2 and uPortal 3 are represented as different projects in JIRA.

Confluence has been setup to archive the JASIG-PORTAL mailing list. When you do a search, along with presenting matching wiki pages, Confluence will give you a link to view mail archive messages that match your search criteria. Right now there are only a few messages in the archive (since the wiki just started recieving mailing list posts), but I'll work on importing the list archives when I get a chance.

JIRA and CVS Integration

I've setup a number of CVS modules in JIRA. This should allow JIRA to search through the CVS commit log for issue keys. If you add JIRA issue keys to your commit messages (e.g. "BCP-1" for Issue #1 in the briefcase project) JIRA will add a link in the issue details. For an example of what this looks like, go to: BCP-1@jira and click on the "Version Control" tab. After Eric finishes his import tomorrow, I'll re-enable support within the uPortal Project.

I think it would be a good habit to get used to appending issue keys to the end of commit messages. I think it's particularly valuable in cases where issues that were closed need to be revisted at a later time. Particularly given CVS's lack of commit sets.

January uPortal Training

The Consortium for Enterprise Education Data Solutions (CEEDS: a JPA consisting of California County Offices of Education) invites you to participate in three full days of uPortal Administration training on January 25 through the 27th.

The class is Unicon's updated curriculum, the first such offering in 2005. Come join us in Hayward for Ken Weiner's newly designed training on everything you wanted to know about how to manage and extend your uPortal implementation.

The cost is $1,500 per student with class size limited to 20 people. Please register at Unicon's website and copy Bob Allen,

Unincon informs me that they offer a $250 discount for registrations 30 days in advance of the course although I see no mention of it on their website.

The training will be provided at

Room 381
313 West Winton Avenue
Hayward, CA 94526

Contributors recognized

A new Wiki page recognizes contributors to the uPortal effort. A heartfelt thanks is due to everyone who has contributed so much to carry this project to where it is today.

This blog can be used to post announcements which will appear at the top of our Wiki front page. The announcements are also available as an RSS feed.

What's this thing do?

Just trying this thing out... blog posting.